kjv@Leviticus:24:10 @ And the son of an Israelitish woman, whose father was an Egyptian, went out among the children of Israel: and this son of the Israelitish woman and a man of Israel strove together in the camp;

kjv@Leviticus:24:11 @ And the Israelitish woman's son blasphemed the name of the LORD, and cursed. And they brought him unto Moses: (and his mother's name was Shelomith, the daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan:)

kjv@Leviticus:24:12 @ And they put him in ward, that the mind of the LORD might be shewed them.

kjv@Leviticus:24:13 @ And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

kjv@Leviticus:24:14 @ Bring forth him that hath cursed without the camp; and let all that heard him lay their hands upon his head, and let all the congregation stone him.

kjv@Leviticus:24:15 @ And thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel, saying, Whosoever curseth his God shall bear his sin.

kjv@Leviticus:24:16 @ And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the LORD, shall be put to death.

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