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RecentComments @ Folpl1a @ RandyP comments: I am thinking in terms of what it might mean to be blind or shortsighted currently with my given regeneration as it relates/produces what I believe and firmly stand for. Am I believing in and standing for something I have manufactured for myself or rather what has been given and now empowered in me through this regeneration in Christ; Am I believing and standing to the fullest extent of what has been born out of this regeneration? If not, how will I? How can I have this in me and abound?

RecentComments @ Folpl1b @ RandyP comments: Do I know how to stand for/act on what I have been divinely brought to believe operating solely by regenerate means? Am I not rather short circuiting the regenerate flow by operating from a more familiar human knowledge base?

RecentComments @ Folpl1c @ RandyP comments: Am I placing human expectations on this or projecting self attainment or self resource in any fashion? Is it regenerate born knowledge at work or something much less? Is it the old nature or the new that is primarily the controlling influence?

RecentComments @ Folpl1d @ RandyP comments: Again, am I being blind or short sighted to the time frames involved here? Am I imposing the time frame myself from unregenerate source or is it the regeneration within producing it in me?

RecentComments @ Folpl1e @ RandyP comments: There is a divinely empowered form of godliness in the regenerate "like precious faith" and there is a form that denies the power there of. Which form am I operating my regenerated patience/temperance/knowledge/virtue/faith with? Which form am I giving my diligence to?

RecentComments @ Folpl1f @ RandyP comments: If there is an opposing form of godliness then there is an opposing unregenerate form of brotherly kindness as well. The middle ground appears to be no kindness at all regardless of whether ill is conceived. Can godliness be regenerate godliness if brotherly kindness is not regenerate as well?

RecentComments @ Folpl1g @ RandyP comments: There are a great many forms of unregenerate love. True brotherly kindness is not such unless it both is produced from and results in the highest form of agape love. Have and do this one thing and you would thus fulfill all the others. Agape love is a most holy love placed upon and spread forth from the regenerated heart. Am I then being blind or short sighted to these simple spiritual facts either in the receiving of this from it's truest source or in becoming through Christ the conduit of such to the greater world?

RecentComments @ Folpl2a @ RandyP comments: In what ways might it be said that I am being blind or shortsighted to the ongoing process of sanctification that my Lord has designed for me through the means of faithful service to Him? How are the direction and answers that I am now valiantly believing in and following any different from those that I manufactured for myself prior to my being drawn to the Lordship of Christ? Are they being sought from Him? Are they regenerate from their source, regenerate in their end, regenerate in their means? In what way is it being "bold" in/for Christ? Bold as Christ would have us against what?

RecentComments @ Folpl2b @ RandyP comments: What is it about the knowledge I am about to valiantly move forward with in actionable service to Christ that sets it apart from the knowledge that I would have previously taken action upon? How does it set me apart? How does it set Christ apart? What is this knowledge boldly acting against and how is it boldly different in the regenerate sense?

RecentComments @ Folpl2c @ RandyP comments: What is this actionable knowledge holding itself temperate against? What is it holding itself temperate for? How does this temperance further set what we are about to do apart from the unregenerate forms of common temperance? How does knowledge of this temperance better serve our Lord?

RecentComments @ Folpl2d @ RandyP comments: Am I being shortsighted even blind in the expectations and timelines that I have set for either myself or the others that may be part of this action? Am I being shortsighted even blind in the expectations and timelines that I have set for my Lord? Am I being shortsighted to the amount of sanctification yet needing to be done in either myself or else others or else this present situation? Am I not seeing the long range picture of what He is intending to do? Will I continue faithful serving in all areas of my life until the Lord sees fit to make the proper changes in this one smaller area? Have the changes already been made by Him just needing my further growth and sanctification to step into them?

RecentComments @ Folpl2e @ RandyP comments: Am I being a servant and apostle of the godly patience being modeled by Jesus Christ? Does His example/influence upon me in this area set my new regenerate faith apart to better serve Him? Does His influence upon me empower the form of godliness I am engaging in? else is it a form void or shortsighted of His influence.

RecentComments @ Folpl2f @ RandyP comments: How is this ongoing personal sanctification process effecting the sanctification of others? Is it serving them (and it) as Christ would have you serve them (it)? Is it serving only their unregenerate or more human needs (or yours)? Is it serving even their most basic human needs by Christ's better regenerate and empowered means?

RecentComments @ Folpl2g @ RandyP comments: God's form of agape love is as set apart and holy as any love can possibly be. Without the regenerating impact then of His form of love as proven in the sacrifice and accession of Christ we would be totally incapable of manufacturing any form of love remotely similar. It is largely the pursuit of wanting to be of that love and also a open conduit of that same love to others that best sanctifies us. We are set apart because of His love being so far set apart. Are we being blind of shortsighted in any respect or use to that?

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