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RecentComments @ Folpl2a @ RandyP comments: In what ways might it be said that I am being blind or shortsighted to the ongoing process of sanctification that my Lord has designed for me through the means of faithful service to Him? How are the direction and answers that I am now valiantly believing in and following any different from those that I manufactured for myself prior to my being drawn to the Lordship of Christ? Are they being sought from Him? Are they regenerate from their source, regenerate in their end, regenerate in their means? In what way is it being "bold" in/for Christ? Bold as Christ would have us against what?

RecentComments @ Folpl2c @ RandyP comments: What is this actionable knowledge holding itself temperate against? What is it holding itself temperate for? How does this temperance further set what we are about to do apart from the unregenerate forms of common temperance? How does knowledge of this temperance better serve our Lord?

RecentComments @ Folpl2d @ RandyP comments: Am I being shortsighted even blind in the expectations and timelines that I have set for either myself or the others that may be part of this action? Am I being shortsighted even blind in the expectations and timelines that I have set for my Lord? Am I being shortsighted to the amount of sanctification yet needing to be done in either myself or else others or else this present situation? Am I not seeing the long range picture of what He is intending to do? Will I continue faithful serving in all areas of my life until the Lord sees fit to make the proper changes in this one smaller area? Have the changes already been made by Him just needing my further growth and sanctification to step into them?