Dict: strongs - Aaron


H30 @ אביהוּא 'ăbîyhû' ab-ee-hoo' From H1 and H1931; father (that is worshipper) of Him (that is God); {Abihu} a son of Aaron: - Abihu.

H175 @ אהרון 'ahărôn a-har-one' Of uncertain derivation; {Aharon} the brother of Moses: - Aaron.

H385 @ איתמר 'îythâmâr eeth-aw-mawr' From H339 and H8558; coast of the palm tree; {Ithamar} a son of Aaron: - Ithamar.

H472 @ אלישׁבע 'ĕlîysheba‛ el-ee-sheh'-bah From H410 and H7651 (in the sense of H7650); God of (the) oath; {Elisheba} the wife of Aaron: - Elisheba.

G2 @ Ἀαρών Aarōn ah-ar-ohn' Of Hebrew origin [H175]; Aaron the brother of Moses: - Aaron.