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kjv@Genesis:5:27 Man who lived to be 969 years old - UnusualStory
kjv@Genesis:6:2 Sons of God married the daughters of men - UnusualStory
kjv@Genesis:28:11 Man who used a stone for a pillow - UnusualStory
kjv@Genesis:38:28-29 Baby had a scarlet thread tied around its hand before birth - UnusualStory
kjv@Exodus:17:11 Battle won because manstretched out his hand - UnusualStory
kjv@Numbers:22:28-29 Man who was spoken to by an ass - UnusualStory
kjv@Deuteronomy:3:11 Giant who had a bed 13ft. 6 in. long by 6ft. wide - UnusualStory
kjv@Deuteronomy:21:11-13 The women who had to shave their heads before marriage - UnusualStory
kjv@Deuteronomy:22:5 Women forbidden to wear men's clothing - UnusualStory
kjv@Joshua:10:13 Sun and moon stood still for a whole day - UnusualStory
kjv@Judges:4:17-21 A woman killed a man by driving a nail through his head - UnusualStory
kjv@Judges:7:5 Men lapped water like dogs - UnusualStory
kjv@Judges:20:16 An army with seven hundred left-handed men - UnusualStory
kjv@2Samuel:14:26 Man whose hair weighed about 6.5lbs. at his annual haircut - UnusualStory
kjv@2Samuel:19:18 Where a ferry boat was used - UnusualStory
kjv@2Samuel:21:20 Man who had twelve fingers and twelve toes - UnusualStory
kjv@1Kings:11:1-3 Man who had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines - UnusualStory
kjv@1Kings:18:17-40 The soaking wet sacrifice that burnt supernaturally - UnusualStory
kjv@1Kings:18:41-46 Man who outran a chariot - UnusualStory
kjv@2Kings:6:1-6 The axe head that floated in the river - UnusualStory
kjv@2Kings:6:29 Woman who boiled and ate her son - UnusualStory
kjv@2Kings:9:24 Man killed in his chariot - UnusualStory
kjv@2Kings:9:30-36 Woman whose body was eaten by dogs - UnusualStory
kjv@2Chronicles:11:21 Father who had eighty-eight children - UnusualStory
kjv@Isaiah:38:8 The sun travelled backwards - UnusualStory
kjv@Isaiah:20:2-3 Man who walked naked for three years - UnusualStory
kjv@Isaiah:37:36 Army of 185,000 destroyed in one night - UnusualStory
kjv@Isaiah:38:1-5 Man whose life was increased by fifteen years because he prayed - UnusualStory
kjv@Jeremiah:36:20-23 The Bible that was cut with a penknife - UnusualStory
kjv@Ezekiel:37:1-14 Valley full of dry bones prophesied to be resurrected - UnusualStory
kjv@Matthew:1:5 A Harlot an ancestor of Christ - UnusualStory
kjv@Matthew:3:4 Man ate locusts for food - UnusualStory

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