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The Back to the Psalms Audio Series

Finding our way back to the truer Christian faith by making our way way "Back to the Psalms".

Layman RandyP

Hosted at LikePreciousFaith.us

Series Introduction:

The BookOfPsalms ... it long has been many people's favorite books of the holy scriptures. While many find it a book immense comfort and inspiration (which it is), I find it first and foremost a book that rightly challenges the very core principals of our more common wishy washy faith; even to the point of driving the honest reader to their very knees. Before there can be any true comfort, I feel, there must be the soul's core alignment with God's holy truth. That challenge, brothers and sisters, rarely is comforting at the very first but, well worth all of our effort once the truth of it is finally found.

So then, this new audio series aims to take us back to the most important basics of our sincere faith from a Christian perspective and tries to draw out from each individual psalm a greater scriptural context to help build and shape our most precious relationship to/with our most precious Lord and Savior Jesus. Each audio commentary presented is short (approximately 60-90 minutes long total but is segemented into bite size chunks of 10-20 minutes), perfect for taking along with us on our modern playback devices to meet the varying needs of our busy day.

Series Archive:

(Please visit this site regularly as there are many commentaries yet to be produced and some being revised.)

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Latest Series News:

6/11/2019 - I have decided to completely redo the Back to the Psalms Series of 2018. It was so edifying for me at the time but, as I have listened through it several times I've asked myself how would I teach this any differently, these are the changes that I would most like to make. For one thing, I will be removing the podcast format of this series to make it more of a study format which will include my own commentary notes/links/outline. I will also likely divide up the audio material into shorter segments so that it is easier to follow at your individual pace. As segments I will also be able to correct or improve individual segments as the need arises instead of having to redo an entire episode. My hope is that more of you will benefit from this renewed effort and that this resource will not just simply get mixed up with every other podcast out there. May God bless this renewed endeavour! RP

Terms of use:

Please share these resources freely with those to whom you are dear. May it serve them well toward filling their diverse spiritual needs. May God bless your efforts! You are welcome to redistribute these many audio resources to whomever you would like, they are willing offered into the public domain for the believer's edification. However, if you are to distribute these materials we do ask that you redistribute them unedited and without profit.


This series initially began as a personal exercise to train myself in public speaking by having a ready made stable of sermons/studies at hand without the need for on hand sermon notes or outlines; the Psalm itself would be the outline. It has grown however as I have shared these recordings and they have proved valuable to the edification and enjoyment of others. It is my hope that you will find this series both challenging and thought provoking as well, beneficial to your growth in our Lord Jesus.


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