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The Calvary Reach Monday night group fellowship meets at 6:30pm every week at the Pritts house. God honoring group fellowship and refreshments, prayer and bible study are the key objectives of our gathering. Currently we are discussing Puritan author Thomas Watson's venerable "A Body of Divinity" - a collection of his sermons examining the historical Westminster Shorter Catechism. This study is also being made by the Tuesday Night Connect group in case there is one Monday you cannot attend. (see: TuesdayNightConnect)

Present Online Study Resources: ThomasWatsonBodyofDivinity (Audio Version at sermonaudio.com) and WestministerShorterCatechism

Note: A paperback copy of this Thomas Watson book can be purchased for $15.00 from Calvary Reach or ordered online from many fine Christian Book sellers. That way you can markup and notate to your hearts desire!

New - Ways to Connect!

There now is also a conference call offered for those that are not able physically to attend connecting around 6:45pm and from that there is also a recorded archive of the call for those wishing to listen in later . Please feel free to either attend or call in live else review our archive !

Phone Call In:

Conference Call: 712-775-7270 Access Code: 107384#
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Web Call:

Site:http://www.freeconferencecall.com Host ID: calvaryreach
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You will be asked to create your own individual login which will be displayed on our host interface as soon as you connect to us. Use this login each time we conference.

Audio Archive:

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