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The following classical bible reference works are currently available on this pBiblx2 system:

EastonBibleDictionary - Easton's Bible Dictionary
HitchcockBibleNames - Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names
NavesTopicalBible - Naves Topical Bible
StrongsHebrewGreek - Strong's Hebrew and Greek Concordance
TorreyTopicalTextbook - Torrey's Topical Textbook
ThompsonChainReference - Thompson's Chain Reference
TreasuryScripturalKnowledge - Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge

Other resources include:
kjv@CONCORD:faithful - System generated word and phrase concordance
BookOfBible - system generated Bible book studys comining several resources
BibleNotes - Various threads on studies being developed system wide
WordCount - A system generated KJV word count and concordance
NgramStudy100 - A system generated 3-9 word top 100 KJV phrase concordance

In addition pBiblx2 users have submitted topical tags of their own:

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