J. Vernon McGee Notes and Outlines

"By Dr. J. Vernon McGee © Thru the Bible Radio Network, "

J. Vernon McGee's "Through The Bible Radio" program has been a long time favorite with Christian believers the world over for many years and in many languages; long after his passing. This long running radio show sought originaly to take the listner completely through the bible in five years. Now days, with the benefit of computers/internet/and portable mp3 players, these notes and recordings of Dr. McGees lively commentary can be enjoyed at any time and any pace desired.

Here his notes and outlines serve as introductions to the downloadable MP3 archives of his show. You can use his notes for you own studies or follow along with them as you listen through the series.


McGeeGuidelines - Guidelines For Understanding Scripture
(Audio index:MCGEECOMMENTARYAUDIO Guidelines )


Old Testament:

McGeeGenesis - Genesis
McGeeExodus - Exodus
McGeeLeviticus - Leviticus
McGeeDeuteronomy - Deuteronomy
McGeeNumbers - Numbers
McGeeJoshuaJudgesRuth - Joshua Judges Ruth*
McGee12Samuel - 1Samuel 2Samuel
McGee12Chronicles - 1Chronicles 2Chronicles
McGee12Kings - 1Kings 2Kings
McGeeEzraNehemiah - Ezra Nehemiah*
McGeeEstherJob - Esther Job*
McGeePsalms - Psalms
McGeeProverbs - Proverbs
McGeeEcclesiastesSongofSolomon - Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon*
McGeeIsaiah - Isaiah*
McGeeJeremiahLamentations - Jeremiah Lamentations*
McGeeEzekiel - Ezekiel*
McGeeDaniel - Daniel
McGeeHoseaJoel - Hosea Joel*
McGeeAmosObadiah - Amos Obadiah
McGeeJonah - Jonah*
McGeeMicah - Micah*
McGeeNahumHabakkuk - Nahum Habakkuk*
McGeeZephaniahHaggai - Zephaniah Haggai
McGeeZechariah - Zechariah
McGeeMalachi - Malachi*

New Testament:

McGeeMatthew - Matthew*
McGeeMark - Mark*
McGeeLuke - Luke*
McGeeJohn - John*
McGeeActs - Acts
McGeeRomans - Romans*
McGee1Corinthians - 1Corinthians
McGee2Corinthians - 2Corinthians
McGeeGalatians - Galatians*
McGeeEphesians - Ephesians*
McGeePhilippians - Philippians*
McGeeColossians - Colossians
McGee12Thessalonians - 1Thessalonians 2Thessalonians
McGee12TimTitusPhilemon - 1Timothy 2Timothy Titus Philemon
McGeeHebrews - Hebrews*
McGeeJames - James*
McGee1Peter - 1Peter
McGee2Peter - 2Peter
McGee1John - 1John
McGee23John - 2John 3John
McGeeJude - Jude*
McGeeRevelation - Revelation*

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