Hosting Information is seeking to build a "like precious" community of like believing Christian individuals and groups and is willing to share our pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible server resources at no charge. We know how hard it is to buy a domain name, lease server space and put a well bred Christian resource site on the web from our own struggles. In fact we ended up having to build our own system from the ground up to get it to do everything that we needed our site to be. We are offering our well built foundation for you to make your presence known as well.

At an individual level,

it might be best for you to register simply as a contributor. This will give you a listing on our MyPad page and a direct http link to your own contributor page like mine . If you own your own domain name already you can link your domain name to this page as well. See UserContribution for more information and PbiblxEditRegister.html to register.

At a group level,

it may be best to register for your own directory similar to what Calvary Reach did . This gives them a full directory to work with. See PbiblxHostContact.html to register for consideration.

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