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LikePreciousFaith is proud to host space and bandwidth on this pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System server. If your non-profit Christian group or organization would like to be considered for this complimentary service please read the host site information page HostSiteInfo to begin the consideraton process.

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RandyP Contributor MyPad
Calvary Reach Mobile resource page to compliment home site


This pBiblx2 Field Wise server also has the ability of providing a rudimentary form of dynamic DNS forwarding. This ability allows a script on your private home http server to seed its dynamically assigned IP address to a simple html forwarding page at our address. Anyone coming to the seed page on our server will instantly be forwarded to your IP and your server. This facility was originally developed so that you could host your own pBiblx2 system and not need a domain name or static IP but, it will work for any html server with the proper script on your side.


Here is a listing of the seeds currently showing their as status "UP":

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