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This pBiblx2 Field Wise server is proud to present the following resource works to further your bible studies.

Home Grown:

BackToPsalmsSeries - The Back to the Psalms Audio Commentary by RandyP
FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaithSeries - A user developed Practical Christian Application Resource Reference (PCARR) discussing the essentials of Christian faith to new and struggling believers.
PrayingThePsalms - An interesting new take on an cheerished prayer resource.

MediaDir - Original and classic reading and audio resources hosted on this site.
index:NEWAUDIOLINKSMENU - Several internet audio sermon links by subject/source/scripture.


NEW - WhitefieldsLetterToWesley
NEW - UNDERCONSTRUCTION LuthernBookOfConcord1989
ThomasWatsonBodyofDivinity - Thomas Watson's Body of Divinity
Dickson - SumOfSavingKnowledge (a summary of saving knowledge)
KempisTheImitationOfChrist - Thomas a Kempis (Pre-Reformation Devotion)
MurrayNewLife - Andrew Murray "The New Life: words for young disciples of Christ". An excellent introductory primer on walking the Christian walk.
MurrayCovenants - Andrew Murray "Two Covenants and the Second Blessing"
NewellSpiritualOrderPaulEpistles - Wm. Newell "Spiritual ORder of Paul's Epistles"
PinkAttributes - Arthur Pink "Attributes of God"
McGee - J Vernon Mc Gee's Through the Bible Notes and Outlines (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
TorreyBeingRight TorreyInexpressiblyHappy TorreyProfitableBibleStudy TorreyWorkForChrist
ClarkePreciousBiblePromises - Clarkes Precious Bible Promises
MeyerSecretOfGuidance - (UNDERCONSTRUCTION)
BerkhofSummaryChristianDoctrine - (UNDERCONSTRUCTION)

(See also: index:LOCALMEDIA )


MyDevotions - Several of the daily devotionals hosted on this site.
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