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All Diligence Add

kjv@2Peter:1:5 @ And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;

I want to rearrange the flow of Peter's writing here temporarily to get my point better across to you. We will study these in a compact sequence.

    There are three things that I believe will be key to us being able to make productive use of these "like precious" things:
  1. AllDiligenceAdd - This page. I will soon explain.
  2. AboundFruitKnowledge - Insights into getting this information deep into us and to abound practically in it's use.
  3. LackBlindPurged - Not to be shortsighted in the application of this information or blind to it's use or not operate it from our former nature.

We will study these together as they all go hand in hand saying very nearly the same thing.

Contextual Anchors - With all diligence add...

1. Pas - All/Whole/Always/Daily strkjv@STRING:G3956

Quoted resource: strongs 'G3956'

G3956 @ πᾶς pas pas Including all the forms of declension; apparently a primary word; all any6 every the whole: - all (manner of means) alway (-s) any (one) X daily + ever every (one way) as many as + no (-thing) X throughly whatsoever whole whosoever.

2. Spoude - Dispatch/Earnestness/Care/Diligence strkjv@STRING:G4710

Quoted resource: strongs 'G4710'

G4710 @ σπουδή spoudē spoo-day' From G4692; speed that is (by implication) despatch eagerness earnestness: - business (earnest) care (-fulness) diligence forwardness haste.

3. Epichoregeo - Furnish/Fully Supply/Minister/Nourish/Add strkjv@STRING:G2023

Quoted resource: strongs 'G2023'

G2023 @ ἐπιχορηγέω epichorēgeō ep-ee-khor-ayg-eh'-o From G1909 and G5524; to furnish besides that is fully supply (figuratively) aid or contribute: - add minister (nourishment unto).

Practical Aspects

The language is fairly simple: one has to expend the personal diligence of building this operational platform in order to stand and operate in it. "All" suggests that the application must be across the board in all daily affairs. "Diligence" expands that thought to the application of "all" being done with great earnestness and care. "Add" suggests that something will be furnished by doing so that would not already have been present. This shall be our goal here on out.

Immediately we are confronted by the natural objection that we are already too busy and that there is too much to the day that has to be done that cannot be cut out to make room for this additional effort. The answer is that you are likely not cutting out anything that you are obligated to doing (career/kids/marriage/parents/school/parole/group/etc), you are approaching the doing of most all these same daily things from a different mindset and with a new a different tool set. Each of these daily occurrences and demands are actually an opportunity to establish the Lord's mastery over them.

The second discernible objection is the stark contrasts between people who compulsively do too much towards a situation making it worse and those that dispassionately do nothing at all to make it better. Diligence is not the number of times you pester someone or something into compliance to your will, neither is it waiting for things to occur and get out of hand before responding to them. Diligence is building the operational platform one timber at a time and not letting up on it until it is big enough for the others to stand upon as well when need be; and this regardless of and before the storms approach or are raging.

The third item that I might suggest is that the majority of us wait until the storm is completely out of hand before reconstructing the platform as it was years ago the last time such a storm surged. Peter said that he was dedicating the remainder of his (soon after martyred) life to putting us in remembrance of these things we already knew. Why would he have to do that? Because we rarely keep the whole thing going, we settle into a comfort zone following the storms and neglect to keep the thing that we relied upon at the time to see us through actively in front of us. Many a new storm is invited by the low pressure cells of our spiritual inactivity. In these many things the "like precious" thing that we are most deserting is the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ being the foremost in our lives; a sorry state of diligence indeed.

To my original point, the success of this element is in it's being applied across the board into all of you daily affairs. The corrupted tendency is to focus on the one most urgent set back or crises to the exclusion of all else, when instead it is the success in smaller areas that build the platform to overcoming the larger. You don't ignore the biggest problem, you attack it from all of it's supply lines. Otherwise we are serving the problem rather than serving our Lord. Eventually smaller things will become larger things and we get caught in a vicious circle much like the old arcade game "Wack a Mole" chasing after the next mole to pop up. "All diligence" is not necessarily staying there to wack each and every mole, it is reaching around to unplug the machine else nailing a plywood panel over the top so that the moles are no longer the problem.

And it is not you commanding and strategizing this operation, it is the Lord to whom you are serving!

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