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Brotherly Godliness

kjv@2Peter:1:7 @ And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.

This is the sixth of seven compound elements being considered as a one continuing across the board composite life application.

Contextual Anchors

1. Godliness
(see: Word study EusebeiaGodliness or slidy:EusebeiaGodliness )

2. Brotherly Kindness

Quoted resource: strongs 'G5360'

G5360 @ φιλαδελφία philadelphia fil-ad-el-fee'-ah From G5361; fraternal affection: - brotherly love (kindness) love of the brethren.

Practical Aspects

  1. SimonPeter - What is the godly exercise of one's faith if it is not also the exercise of one's fraternal affection for his brethren in Christ? What would God's own godliness be without the exercise of HIS paternal affection for those HE has gathered unto HIS Son our Jesus Christ? The affection alluded to unfortunately does not come naturally to the corrupt human form. It is the result of a spiritual process starting from the VirtuousFaith through to even beyond this to the AgapeBrotherliness we are soon to discuss; it is the connection of all these things. Peter no doubt began with a affection for his brethren, three perhaps four of the disciples were from his own town (one his brother and two his business associates). What this affection was and what it became were two different things when all was said and done though.
  2. ServantApostleOf - Jesus Himself is described as a "servant" and also "Apostle"; this in the very highest sense possible; Peter and the others became servant and apostle under and to Him as He had commissioned them. As Jesus had so exercised His affections for these men His brethren, in similar fashion they were to exercise their affections now toward their ever expanding circle of brethren in Christ. While it sounds simple, it is actually one of the most difficult things to do; impossible in fact if not first enabled by valiant and continuing exercise of the affections of Jesus upon us. You see there is too much at stake and too many differing vantage points amongst brethren to remain settled in human form unless heavily influence upon by Christ. Strangely, it is not that it is not supposed to be this way among brethren, rather it is that it is supposed to be this way so that we are drawn all the more toward dependence upon the person of Christ.
  3. FaithObtainedThroughRighteousnessGodSavior - In understanding the exercise of Christ's affections toward us, shall it be said that we have been so pleasurable and conforming to Christ that it was such an easy effort on His part this BrotherlyGodliness? Is that really what we should believe to be the intended ease of our own exercise then? Better to think that we have received our Lord's affections not because we were so magnetic and receptive of it, but because it was the righteous thing for Him to do even though we were opposite at the time of all that; "while we were yet sinners". If right for Him to do, how much more so right for us having now His exemplary example?
  4. GracePeaceMultipliedKnowledgeGodJesus - Jesus once gave the Baptist John a chunk of proper understanding when He said "suffer it be for righteousness sake". John wasn't at grace and peace with having to baptize the "Righteous Servant" Jesus in the Jordan as he would a common sinner. This particular baptism didn't have anything to do with sin however it had to do with righteousness. Not that the two actions would equate, but if we were to see our affectionate exercise of faith toward the brethren not in terms of our/their sin, but in terms simply of God's righteousness, what a radically different affection that would exercise itself out to be. Brethren, let it be because of our grace and peace with this exhibited righteousness multiplied in the knowledge of God and example of Jesus Christ that our exercise so strongly emanates.
  5. DivinePowerGivenAllThingsLifeGodliness - Have you ever wondered where man's capacity even to have affection comes from? "Made in God's image" baby! So whatever happened to that wonderfully fashioned inheritance? Well like all that God has given us we have utterly corrupted it. I cannot presently think of a single thing that HE has given us that hasn't been corrupted. Granted there are encouraging gestures displayed periodically of it amongst all different peoples (especially around times of catastrophe and misfortune) (Christians have no monopoly on it), that is the human form that falls so severely short of what is truly expected of such inheritance all of the times there and in between. So is it by our own determination that we forcefully come back fully into this capacity? Or is by something more than that which God in addition has given?
  6. CalledToGloryVirtue - The fellowship of the brethren in Christ: the Church body can be thought of as a earthly representation of at least the hope (for now) of this calling to glory and virtue. Because few are able see it for what it is and the continuing process set upon it, many (if not all brethren in some respect) walk away from it else criticize it sharply. Stack on top this concern the perception that the ungodly do not want anything to do with it in it's present form (as if they would in any other), the weaker brethren see it as contradiction to their expected purpose of being so cozy and so inviting and so unchallenged. Their notion of Church is strikingly minus the transitional purpose it is divinely instituted to perform.
  7. ExceedingPromisesPartakersDivineNature - It is written that we will be known by our love for one another. Like a couple known to be negotiating the terms of their separate but for sake of their kids hospitable future, the love common to today's church is largely whatever love we are able to make out of it instead of what love we are commissioned and sworn to be servants and apostles of. It is not to be a love born out of our own corrupted and deceptive heart. It is to be a continuance of the Lord's out pouring. It is His nature and us being a open conduit of that.
  8. EscapeCorruptionWorldLust - The momentum is always going the other direction and it is vast. It is not like one stops and waits for a break in it's opposition to be able to cross through it. It remains there constant so that we have to be strong to go against it. There is however no strength against it other than one. Be strong all that you want and are personally capable mustering, it is still no strength to what it is up against. Even if you were to solve your own problem, you are still having to stand against the flow of everyone else's. Israel for instance was led into captivity not because there weren't any that obeyed the Lord, but that the direction of the greater nation had to be changed. The faithful will stand no matter what the present situation and with much BrotherlyGodliness, the wicked however have only to rise then fall upon theirs.

Let us take immediate action then to seek out and receive our Lord's influence upon us in this day by excercising prayer study and meditation in this present consideration:


Remember that we are looking not just for answers but for the Lord to abundantly influence us in this area ( AboundFruitKnowledge ), to be able to apply it across the board ( AllDiligenceAdd ) and to not be shortsighted ( LackBlindPurged ) with either the resource nor the use of the direction HE is leading us.

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