Applications Of The Like Precious Faith

Application 1

For those of you going through the FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaithSeries we have developed a tool that can be used to get you started with the application of it in your daily lives and immediately up against your daily struggles. It is a simple spreadsheet to organize your effort with.

folpfapp.html - For personal on/off line use FOLPFapp1.pdf .

As a prayer/meditation sheet one can take a pressing concern, discuss it with the Lord in the light of each grid cell's leading, seek confirmation as to the course being considered. One can follow the grid row by row, column by column, top down, bottom up, however they see fit to make the effort understandable. It is not telling you what to pray verbose, it is providing a structured spring board for your conversation to start on and remain focused to. As knowing what to pray in a time of crises is the most obvious challenge facing new believers what better place to start than this?

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