Applications Of The Like Precious Faith



This tool is very similar to the FolpfApp1 grid and for our offline users the initial grid could be used to accomplish the same thing. What it is doing is attempting to integrate many word study resources into the same type grid so that one could consider each of the verses in any of the word studies (say PistisFaith) in the same light as with more generalized personal considerations like FolpfApp1.

This brings a whole new focus to many of these scriptures aimed at getting "these things" to be "in us and abound" (see: AboundFruitKnowledge). The user can approach the foundations up to down (corruption to transformed Peter) or down to up or randomly, the applications left to right (VirtuousFaith to AgapeKindness) or right to left or what ever brings the most beneficial considerations.

The object is to get to widest base of Christ's extreme influence and practical understanding by the most scriptural means possible the soonest. If these tools are of any help in assisting this, by all means feel free to use them.

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