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Folpf Application One

The following discourse is offered as a possible starting point to apply the like precious faith to one's daily living. The object is to get "these things" already mentioned in kjv@2Peter:1:1-7 into us and to have them abound/flourish in us. The method that will be discussed is to somehow use the present knowledge framework as a daily spiritual view-port.

Picture a XY graph, the vertical line listing the elements v1-4 of the FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith top down, the horizontal listing the compound elements of v5-8 of the ApplicationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith. Think of the "all diligence" of v5 as the overall view-port being constructed for application. Starting at the two closest point on the axis (corruption and VirtuousFaith) move horizontally through the list until the AgapeLove then jump up one more level vertically (to the partaking of divine nature) and through each level horizontally towards the top (the productivity of SimonPeter).

a. VirtuousFaith b. KnowledgeableVirtue c. TemperateKnowledge d. PatientTemperance e. GodlyPatience f. BrotherlyGodliness g. AgapeBrotherliness
1. EscapeCorruptionWorldLust a b c d e f g
2. ExceedingPromisesPartakersDivineNature a b c d e f g
3. CalledToGloryVirtue a b c d e f g
4. DivinePowerGivenAllThingsLifeGodliness a b c d e f g
5. GracePeaceMultipliedKnowledgeGodJesus a b c d e f g
6. FaithObtainedThroughRighteousnessGodSavior a b c d e f g
7. ServantApostleOf a b c d e f g
8. SimonPeter a b c d e f g

At the start of the new day the application would begin in the prayerful realization such as this:

As I begin this new day, I am awakened to the fact there are two courses that can be taken, the course that I am naturally inclined to take (largely the course of this uninfluenced thus corrupt world) or the course the influence of Christ would better have on me. The Lord has graciously given me this day and with each detail in this day I am obligated to or encounter there is tremendous opportunity to either pursue His course toward the calling to glory and virtue or else continue on mine. I must have the courage to understand and see my course for what it really is and how I would inescapably without Christ act/react as the day's events come at me. I must admit that what I know about what is coming at me and what I am willing to do in the face of that by my own resource is gravely inadequate, that what I have allowed and disallowed myself to know about these oncoming things and what to do about them though well intended is corrupted as well, that I will be impatient with form of temperance better suited, that I will act/react in a patience better described as self-li-ness rather than god-li-ness, that despite my better intentions others may be harmed or expensed by these actions, that God's love and my love for God will be of little weight to this day other than some hope of self justified future comfort.

Knowing this as my natural corrupted state, I am eager with regard to all that will come at me in this particular day to willfully rather begin to partake of the divine nature offered me in the righteousness and knowledge of Christ Jesus and apply that which I receive from Him toward all this day's many divergent particulars. I must thereby proceed in obedient obtained faith supported by the uncorrupted courage that He would better have for me, to utilize the knowledge and resource that He is offering in Himself toward these courageous and excellent act, to be temperate to use and seek only this uncorrupted knowledge, to be fully patient as only He can make me by obedience in this temperance, to act forward in obedient likeness to His greater form and example, to act forward in each thing presented in this day with a kindness to all others mindful and ministering to their similar nature and struggles, to be fully immersed and conductive outwardly of God's immense love for all creation shown in Christ.

This is what was long promised by God through Christ Jesus to all attentive Christ believers for each new day that they've surrendered to Him. I need to take hold of a firm belief of these promises in Christ and therein find the required courage in order to act/react forward in a manner clearly partaking of that divine nature, to partake of the knowledge formed by such intense promises that stirs said valor, to settle in the temperance formed by such promises which clarifies that knowledge, to grow in the patience formed by these promises that so greatly drive this temperance, thus be expectant of the promised empowered form of godliness through Christ, to be anticipating the kindness of Christ to flow as promised through to others in their similar need, thus as God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only Son with this love we are promised so to follow.

Not only has God promised such HIS divine power has made it effectively so giving us all things pertaining to the execution of this daily living and godliness. Therefore in the righteousness and knowledge of Christ who has called me to His fully intended glory and virtue, from Him I open and empty myself to receive of this obtained faith that acts forward today with it's inherent obtained courage/it's inherent obtained knowledge/it's inherent obtained temperance/it's inherent obtained patience/it's inherent obtained godliness/it's inherent obtained brotherly support and concern, all received and forwarded in and by God's AgapeLove.

May we be at grace and peace with this promised empowerment born of the righteousness between God and Savior. May we be brought to a grace and peace with whatever is righteously called for in this day be at hand by continual remembrance and practice multiplied increasingly through the knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus. May we seek the influence of His courageous faith advanced forward in you because of this overwhelming grace and peace even in the most difficult situations. May we seek and search from Him the knowledge of His grace and peace that will help this valor advance faith strongly, be at grace and peace with the temperance from which that knowledge becomes most useful, be at grace and peace with the growing patience that best effects such temperance, to be at true grace and peace with the better form of godliness adding to your patience, to be at grace and peace with the Christ influenced brotherly kindness to your godliness and for this to be highly influence by your grace and peace with God's AgapeLove.

It is only by the far reaching eternal righteousness of God and Savior that all these things are possible and given to be obtained and operated in. Without Their righteousness there would be no corresponding faith nor virtue nor knowledge nor temperance nor patience nor godliness nor brotherly kindness nor love. There would only be that of which we ourselves are able to make out of it. That we even know of this opportunity towards anything other is due to Their righteousness. Get into proper relation to Their righteousness by seeking it and all of these things shall be added unto you!

This is the lens from which we see what is happening to and from us in this new day, each and every little thing within it that we might best be a reliable and trustworthy servant and apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are in fact a servant apostle of Jesus Christ because we diligently operate towards all things daily in the faith/virtue/knowledge/temperance/patience/godliness/brotherly kindness/charity influenced so richly by Christ in/of the "like precious" faith. These thing are in us and abound. These things are the leadings of the Holy Spirit in us that transform us by the renewing of our minds towards spiritual truths and fruitfulness descriptive of a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ as lived out in our worthy example of the productive faith SimonPeter.

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