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Foundations Of The Like Precious Faith - Conclusions

kjv@2Peter:1:12 @ Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth.

If you look back on the materials that I have proposed in this FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaithSeries, you'll find that the program is really pretty simple. Take the FolpfApp1 grid, it is not meant so much to give you direct answers, it is meant to give you a direction (scripture and God's overwhelming influence) to pursue those answers. Take the many related topical and word studies presented, they by no means encompass all the scripture that would help you, but they did give you a starting point that you could take along with you no matter where you are at during the day. The thing is that it does require your effort. I can not solve all of your problems myself neither would you want me to. The "Like Precious" faith is always about relationship to Jesus Christ, your relationship with Him, not about some other believer's relationship in proxy that you can borrow favor from. There is no better way to experience and grow richly in this relationship than to start putting these things (His things) forward into your life.

The FolpfApp1 grid gives us all a host of scripturally valid points to consider as we are searching any matter out. It also gives us several different angles to look at each of these points from; all from within the framework of finding meaningful and useful spiritual application out of daily.

Certainly there are corruptions of many many forms as we would make them of otherwise beneficial exercises (faith/virtue/knowledge/temperance/patience/godliness/kindness/love); corruptions otherwise inescapable if not for Jesus and His allowance for us to partake of the influence of His incorruptible divine nature. There are the influences of His righteousness, the influence of His grace and peace multiplied in the knowledge of Him, the provision by Him of "all things pertaining to" life and godliness by His divine power, the influence of the fulfillment of all divine promise in His person; all this under the empowerment and steady tutelage of the Holy Spirit. This is what with honesty and much obedient trial and effort we become servant and apostle to rather than our own half answers and half halfhearted shortsightedness (religious sounding as they may be).

Whether you know the scripture behind these points yet or not, you have a place here now at least to begin your contemplations and inquiries. Allow these to stir your curiosity into the deeper scriptures and therefore knowledge of Christ. I once described these many points each as scriptural "hangers" to place the greater contexts of the Bible upon. Look at what we have done already as the very beginning of that great and essential work.

Again, I must you remind you of the original purpose that I sensed behind this undertaking: the seemingly powerless state of many believers (including myself) and near believers to push past their personal hindrances/entrapments to get to a position of being useful to our Lord's glorious bidding. I am finding that it is not by the lack of our human effort per se, but by the lack of His influence. This is not by His lack of effort to be of influence upon us, but by our lack of effort to allow Him in us to be such. We think we know what it means to be this, judging by the evidences of our own lives, what do we really know about any of this?

Peter by the direction of the Holy Spirit took it upon himself to put us always (even in this day and age) in remembrance; not the remembrance of some clever fable or some top 10 self help magazine advice, but the real essentials of being a light not hid, a vessel of honor. We are created unto good works. Not works that produce our salvation for that is by grace and grace alone, rather works of God working in and on and even through us, works of His that we obediently step out into. Abiding in/Abounding in!

Life becomes for us Jesus and His influence upon us. It is a good influence. It is a substantial influence. It is a thriving influence. It begins as a faith obtained through His/THEIR righteousness and a faith that remains as it seeks to live that righteousness out. It is a faith/life that is "like" because it is very similar to what the Apostle's personally were brought by Jesus to believe. It is very "precious" because the blood of God's own Son was used to bring it about. It is very "precious" because of the change in us it all is meant to bring about.

Why then not go about living it? The "Like Precious Faith"?

kjv@2Peter:1:11 @ For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

An Initial Prayer

Beautiful Savior Jesus, you have saved us fallen sinners just as you foretold and promised; what a blessed thing indeed... Thank you! Saved unto what my heart must now inquire. Saved unto more of the same until at last your trumpets call? Saved unto a time out for me while others get on board? Hopefully not. Saved unto being placed under your love, your wing, influence and tutelage. A life long experience us hand in hand? Be let it so.

Lord, I most need you here and to be my influence. Please Lord influence me in these ways. Place upon me as only you can a VirtuousFaith, a KnowledgableVirtue, a TemperateKnowledge, a PatientTemperance, a GodlyPatience, even a BrotherlyGodliness and if I be so bold to ask that AgapeBrotherliness. Let me be deeply affected within. Place these upon me also that I might become an ample conduit of your mighty influence to others to your honor and glory. Let this be day one of a new spiritually productive me.

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