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Godly Patience

kjv@2Peter:1:6 @ And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;

This is the fifth of seven compound elements identified by Peter focused on the living and diligent actions of the "like precious" faith.

Contextual Anchors

1. Patience
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2. Godliness
(see: Word study EusebeiaGodliness or slidy:EusebeiaGodliness )

Practical Aspects

  1. SimonPeter - Godliness can be thought of as the exercise of one's faith. For many their form godliness is nothing more than the exercise of the shall and shall not's and traditions of their legalistic religion. God may be there in it. God might defiantly be kept out at arm's length or beyond. Peter and the other Apostles were constantly confronted by religious Pharisees which were in their time the epitome of zealous and devout religious legalism. As much as they themselves thought that God was in their religion HE was not (as proven by the fact that they had not known their own savior face to face standing before them; in fact putting Him to death). How much further from a God "all in" religious faith and therefore godliness can one get?
  2. ServantApostleOf - Peter was a servant and Apostle of a specific person that he came to know over the course of three years and the contrast that came to light between this Jesus and those many officials long presumed to know and have the peoples truest faith in heart. Ah, but the heart even of those putting themselves in official roles is deceptive above all things. Are we sure for instance that we today are any closer to serving the true person of Jesus Christ? Would we have the same vile and much alerted reaction to Jesus Christ as did they in His actual presence? Patience for them became the justification for putting salvation off to a still future time and a still future person. They have been patient for two thousand additional years and will likely be for two thousand more because of both the scepter of Judah and the genealogical records having been utterly removed, not to mention that the prophetical time frames have expired. They have resorted to having to explain the prophecies as being something much different than they first were led to believe; that in effect has produced in them a godliness minus so much of the power that they originally had..
  3. FaithObtainedThroughRighteousnessGodSavior - The common population shepherded by these zealots were well aware of their leadership's inconsistent and often hypocritical exercise of this legalistic godliness as they frequently became the victims and the oppressed of it. You would think that the discernment of their problematic forms of godliness would produce in the others a more evolved or self corrected form of godliness, but it does not; it typically produces the justification rather to suppress/amputate godly exercises from the national and personal experience altogether. A vicious cycle develops between the nonreligious reacting to the false godliness of the religious and the religious reacting to the increasing godlessness of the common population. The "like precious" form of godliness however is not born from either discernment or reaction, it is born of the righteousness God HIMSELF presents to us in the person of HIS Son Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that was made by THEM to bring about a radically different form of righteousness upon humanness; a form imputed upon men and women of the sincere and transformational belief in this Jesus Christ.
  4. GracePeaceMultipliedKnowledgeGodJesus - We might even go as far as to speculate that this bipolar ungodliness (religious/nonreligious) could be caused or extenuated by their impatience with God's schedule for things (intentionally pronounced as it is). Recall that Israel panicked having been led up against the Red Sea for impatience being pressed upon by the Egyptian troops, they began to rebel within days in the wilderness by impatience not have been taken immediately to the promised land, they made for themselves a golden calf at the base of the mount because of impatience thinking Moses was dead or had deserted them, they talked themselves out of taking possession of the promised land early on by the impatience of it not being readied for them to take over without a fight, not all the tribes crossed the Jordan to possess the promise land for impatience with the time it would take to secure that land. The Bible is full of stories of the impatience of men causing them to do something other than what God HIMSELF was moving them to do. It is almost that God purposely goes slow to flush out this overwhelming urge of man's not to be patient. God waited thousands of years to physically send HIS Son the first time and now HE waits thousands of years to send HIS Son back to finish the work off. Patience is no uncertain respects is to be at a certain grace and peace with God no matter what HE does, when HE does it, what HE has to lead you through in the time in between.
  5. DivinePowerGivenAllThingsLifeGodliness - If one thinks back on it, while it is true that God is active in many daily ways, there are two "blink of the eye" major periods (historically speaking) thus far since the Flood that could be said to be manifestations of God's greater daily out pouring: the Exodus/wilderness plus seven year Joshua taking of promised land (what's that 48 years?), and the three year Jesus' earthly ministry plus (47?) following Apostolic age prior to destruction of temple. There are a great many "givings" that occur in advance of and as result of these two major eruptions, but nearly everything else that I can think of emanates from either of these two. We can even say that the first emanates from the preparation of the second and that all giving historically occur from the bases of one three year period in human history. That is not to say that God since then has not been doing anything, it is to say that the "all things" that HE has been giving pertaining to our lives and godliness center around the "all things" that HE "hath given" us in Christ Jesus; chief of these perhaps (other than the gift of what is substantial to believe in) is the gift here of GodlyPatience for it all to occur.
  6. CalledToGloryVirtue - Had Eve known what the corruption of sin would cause upon her future generations by her actions, no doubt it would have been a much more difficult decision; or had Adam just the same, not to say that it would not have been made any different. "Unless they had known" it could be said, but therein how would they know unless they had been there going through it? We today now know what the corruption would cause because we are living proof of the effects of it. The problem for us however is now that we know ourselves to be corrupted, how does one corrupted become on his own uncorrupted? What has been answered resoundingly over the past several thousand years of our trying is that the corrupt cannot of themselves become uncorrupted. Even the improvements they make and better intentions that they have are utterly corrupted. The calling to glory and virtue has this to consider as well. If all paths (corrupted as they are) lead to the blessed life everlasting then by God's own judgment HE has done the very thing that HE told Adam and Eve HE was not going to do, allow man to be gods in their own eyes and live as such forever. The curse placed upon Adam and his descendants was for absolutely nothing and the corruption that we have come to know so well and suffer at the hands of for so long. The result would be the same as if HE had allowed Adam to continue unrestricted. Honestly, what kind of glory and virtue is that?
  7. ExceedingPromisesPartakersDivineNature - It must be considered that the glory and virtue to which we have been called by God is not proposed in the improvement of our corrupted nature free standing or in the sudden extraction of certain other bad eggs, it is in the each of us individually and corporately partaking of His uncorrupted form to the increasing exclusion (extinction) of ours even in the midst these bad often controlling eggs. This availability has been the promise all along and in the establishment and eventual fulfillment of this promise it has painstakingly had to be made known again and again that our nature just can not help us to get there. This process of disproving ours to reestablish His, generation after generation, has required considerable patience on God's part and on the part of the saints of each of those ages who have been brought to the doorstep of the promise to await it's final complete fulfillment.
  8. EscapeCorruptionWorldLust - The corruption must be thought of as being much more broad and much more extensive than any of us initially could comprehend; to have it involve this level of patience and godliness. So too, the glory and virtue must be unimaginably more profound and different from where we presently are to require God's constant development of it. Part of the massive ill of corruption is that it fatally underestimates/under-appreciates/under-consecrates the things of God in favor of what it over-estimates/over-justifies/over-violates of it's own. That God has stretched out HIS time frames in order to flush out every last drop of this corruption in advance of the final acceptance into HIS glory and virtue is a sure sign of HIS righteousness in all things present and in things to come. For us at this time it is a call to GodlyPatience.

Let us take immediate action then to seek out and receive our Lord's influence upon us in this day by excercising prayer study and meditation in this present consideration:


Remember that we are looking not just for answers but for the Lord to abundantly influence us in this area ( AboundFruitKnowledge ), to be able to apply it across the board ( AllDiligenceAdd ) and to not be shortsighted ( LackBlindPurged ) with either the resource nor the use of the direction HE is leading us.

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