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Grace and Peace Multiplied in the Knowledge of God and Jesus Christ

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kjv@2Peter:1:2 @ Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

Grace and peace in light of righteousness.

Grace and peace in this sense could easily be considered as merely Peter's formal attempt at a friendly public greeting here if not for the additional phrase "multiplied through the knowledge of of God, and Jesus our Lord". By joining these two phrases into one Peter is intending (I believe) to seamlessly tie what he has just said to what he is about to say in an obviously personal and concerned manner. Importance should be given to not only grace and peace, but also the multiplication of it.

Imagine the present situations of the believers that originally would have been audience to this epistle reading. They were new believers, mostly Jewish converts, under the pressure of family/friends/community/state to renounce their new beliefs. They are being made example of in the local markets. They are being removed from their influential positions in the neighborhood councils and synagogues. They are losing home even and livelihood; some even being incarcerated or worse to the point of giving their lives. Honestly, there is not much from a human perspective for them to be at grace and peace about. There also is likely a concerning disillusion setting in that this is a very difficult faith to possess and to live forward in these perilous environs. This then is the first audience seeking Peter's words pointing to true spiritual fruitfulness.

What first does Peter have to say to these first generation new believers? "Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord".

Not many of us in this modern day are in that type of an extreme and immediate situation as these first weary saints, but the advice of Peter would be the same for us I have no doubt. The pathway to being raised above our present situations (no matter what they be) toward the productive and fruitful partaking of divine nature and all that God has given pertaining to life and godliness begins with essential grace and peace being multiplied in/by us through the knowledge (recognition and living acknowledgement) of our God and our Lord.

I will go even further to suggest that of prime importance to this is what Peter has already in context been talking about: our grace and peace regarding God and Savior's righteousness, the true means of obtaining "like precious faith". How important this would be to the saints of that day considering what they were being put to. How important the same is to our day considering the immediate and urgent issue we face as well.

Contextual Anchors - Grace and Peace Multiplied

Note: There is an overwhelming amount of scripture needing to be provided here, so where appropriate key foundations have been broken off into digestible pieces. It will become more and more important to keep coming back to these foundations and explore each morsel's greater depth and individual context as they will become the fuel that ignites true spiritual productivity. These pieces then can be used as element specific study/meditation tools.

1. Grace.

Quoted resource: strongs 'G5485'

G5485 @ χάρις charis khar'-ece From G5463; graciousness (as gratifying) of manner or act (abstract or concrete; literal figurative or spiritual; especially the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in the life; including gratitude): - acceptable benefit favour gift grace (-ious) joy liberality pleasure thank (-s -worthy).

(see: Word study CharisGrace or slidy:CharisGrace )

2. Peace.

Quoted resource: strongs 'G1515'

G1515 @ εἰρήνη eirēnē i-rah'-nay Probably from a primary verb εἴρω eirō (to join); peace (literally or figuratively); by implication prosperity: - one peace quietness rest + set at one again.

(see: Word study EirenePeace or slidy:EirenePeace )

3. Multiplied.

Quoted resource: strongs 'G4129'

G4129 @ πληθύνω plēthunō play-thoo'-no From another form of G4128; to increase (transitively or intransitively): - abound multiply.

4. Through the knowledge.

Quoted resource: strongs 'G1922'

G1922 @ ἐπίγνωσις epignōsis ip-ig'-no-sis From G1921; recognition that is (by implication) full discernment acknowledgement: - (ac-) knowledge (-ing -ment).

(see: Word study EpignosisKnowledge or slidy:EpignosisKnowledge )

Doctrinal Context: Reconciliation with God

(see: Topical study TorreyReconciliation or slidy:TorreyReconciliation )

Practical Aspects

Now it seems unfair to put our ideas of what we are going through today against what the first century saints were facing; does it not? Frankly, I have the suspicion that they would look upon us a bunch of soft footed cry babies.

Here is the vital point however: We don't know so much about what kind of problems they were stepping out of in order to step onto the platform of "like precious faith". Some we know had been thieves and prostitutes, some drunkards, some lustful, some hostile, some abused, some enslaved, some common, some greedily rich, some widowed/outcast etc... in other words a wide swath of sinners and sinfulness much like us. However, the difference appears to be that upon conversion they stepped completely out of that former life into a much different platform for life; there wasn't any middle ground for them. We on the other hand seem to have one foot haphazardly planted on a narrow beam crossing the two existences, the other foot balancing in the air, arms and torso teetering awkwardly forward and back in between.

And why would that be? That we are not at grace and peace with the righteousness of God and Savior nor are we with multiplying in the knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and peace with salvation? Certainly. Grace and peace with the righteousness? Certainly not. As a result, we forfeit our time of being firmly planted maturing in Christ to fruition for a time somewhere in between (if it even exists) trying to solve our own besetting problems with a hand full of cherry picked bible verses and a self mustered partial determination to little or no positive result. Not only are we not useful to the Lord as of yet, we are not of any use to ourselves.

Peter makes a very interesting point midway through this discourse:

kjv@2Peter:1:10 @ Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:

kjv@2Peter:1:11 @ For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Now certainly calling and election are from God alone by HIS good pleasure in Christ, they can not be earned nor favored based on any merit from us. The surety Peter speaks of in this case is a surety within our own mind as evidenced by our continuing living experience within it. One steps out onto the new and boldly different, one performs the due diligence of doing of these things he has outlined above, one experiences the fruit and becomes able to reseed the process into others, one becomes more and more convinced of the benefit of God's calling and election upon them, one's earthly walk towards the gates of the eternal kingdom is lined with increasing spiritual abundance.

It is a fearful thing at first to make the leap from one mode of faith to the other. It is a mode of faith that once engaged with that will ask more and more be set aside from you and more and more newness from it be taken on. It is a faith then that has to stare God right in the face and decide if it is ready or not to come to a grace and peace toward whatever thing next God's righteousness is going to call upon it.

Hopefully you too can now come to more of an open acceptance and hopeful confidence about your present situation and the diligence ahead needing to be performed by you that can be grown and expanded in the knowledge of God and Jesus. Knowledge that begins at THEIR righteousness.

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