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Have These Things Always

kjv@2Peter:1:15 @ Moreover I will endeavour that ye may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance.

The "like precious faith" discourse continuous as we seek further justification as to why we would use this discourse rather than something of our own/another's device: Peter's life ending endeavor. Please remember that Peter obeyed the Lord even unto death so that we could be found under our Lord's direct and substantial influence.

Contextual Anchors:

1. Spoudazō - Endeavor

Quoted resource: strongs 'G4704'

G4704 @ σπουδάζω spoudazō spoo-dad'-zo From G4710; to use speed that is to make effort be prompt or earnest: - do (give) diligence be diligent (forward) endeavour labour study.

2. Hekastote - Always

Quoted resource: strongs 'G1539'

G1539 @ ἑκάστοτε hekastote hek-as'-tot-eh As if from G1538 and G5119; at every time: - always.

Practical Aspects:

The contextual anchor here that caught my eye the most was that not only could the Hekastote be resloved as "always", it could be translated "each/every time" and the two would not necessarily have to conflict. "Always" and "every time" can have a delightful sibilance one to the other. Ask yourself this: if the influence of our Lord "always" has His intended effect is there "any specific time" that the influence of Him would not? The answer to this question is precisely what we need to keep in remembrance and therefore keep in the forefront of our minds to seek His influence "always/every time/all times".

This principal is opposite the typical way that we go about our modern Christianity where we rather seek the influence of a trusted author or a supportive group/retreat or even yes a well promoted public evangelist. These things given our timidness to our Lord can very well be merely proxies of the relationship and therefore the influence better intended by our God. Our prayers can be our attempt to influence the HIS favor minus this direct relationship. Our efforts can likewise be attempts of influencing the Lord to favor us. Our studies and meditations can be vain minded searches of high intellect of how we are going to solve this or that ourselves (thank you Lord for the tidbit of information that straightened my thoughts out so I could see more clearly). These are not the monumental influence, they are the mediocre, the same or similar things that any person with or without Christ could manufacture for themselves and most could be found pleasantly satisfied with only that.

The thought comes to mind that we may be simply seeking to not be a burden to our Lord and to keep ourselves in a position of biblically self justified independence; we stay out of His way and He stays out of ours. If we could but borrow enough of His influence to get us to that position, many of us would be quite satisfied. How little that notion compares to the "always/every time" influence of our Savior upon the "like precious" servant/apostle of Jesus Christ toward the abiding bountiful spiritual production in the knowledge of Him that called us to glory and virtue.

One more point. Every year there is a whole new rash of Christian books and authors published, each addressing specific areas of topical Christian concern; the year passes and these books are closed out on clearance in favor of a newer breed. In contrast, we have one man by the power of the Holy Spirit and the context of the preponderance of all other scripture saying what is needed to be said in two letters and these highly influenced efforts remaining in written form to this very day over two millennium later. Not only that, I can take you to just one chapter in these letters (have it bookmarked in bible and ready to go) (use it daily myself), and you and I could have a productive session about anything spiritually lacking in you or I/us. With that and an open heart we can come under the direct influence of the "author and finisher of our faith".

This stirring of remembrance is a good part of what is meant to always have "these things" in remembrance and further justification towards the practical daily use of these foundations and these applications of the "Like Precious Faith"!

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