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Knowledgeable Virtue

kjv@2Peter:1:5 @ And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;

This is the second of seven actionable compound articles listed by Peter: Knowledgeable Virtue. The first being VirtuousFaith.

Contextual Anchors

1. Virtue - Aretē

Quoted resource: strongs 'G703'

G703 @ ἀρέτη aretē ar-et'-ay From the same as G730; properly manliness (valor) that is excellence (intrinsic or attributed): - praise virtue.

2. Knowledge - Gnosis

Quoted resource: strongs 'G1108'

G1108 @ γνῶσις gnōsis gno'-sis From G1097; knowing (the act) that is (by implication) knowledge: - knowledge science.

(see: Word study GnosisKnowledge or slidy:GnosisKnowledge )

Practical Aspects

  1. SimonPeter - Again remember that we are looking into this concept with an eye as to what it was that truly made the difference in Peter's (and other Apostles) transformation/fruitfulness in a manner that the man without Christ cannot attain to; this time with the combination "virtue" and "gnosis" meaning knowledge in mind. Until now in this epistle, we have been strictly considering EpignosisKnowledge a higher or "epic" form of knowledge and acknowledgement. Might I suggest here that it is the EpignosisKnowledge of Christ Jesus that is driving the more dynamic/situational GnosisKnowledge of Peter. That doesn't truly happen in Peter's life until the receiving of the Holy Spirit when he is instructed of the Spirit of all that Jesus truly is. Even though for three years he has had the daily "epic" human experience of following side by side with Jesus, Peter has yet to know the truly "epic" risen/triumphant/ascended/exalted Jesus as confirmed by the Holy Father and Holy Spirit; his gnosis is yet incomplete and less substantially driven. Though Peter does exhibit uncommon courage at times in this condition it is both error prone and even at odds with the epignosis of Christ Jesus. We will soon be returning to the EpignosisKnowledge when it is said that we will be neither barren nor unfruitful in the EpignosisKnowledge in part by having the driven GnosisKnowledge in us and abounding.
  2. ServantApostleOf - The obvious question is what/who was Peter a servant and apostle of prior to the revelation knowledge given by the Holy Spirit? Better, who would Peter been servant and apostle of had he continued in a contrary original form? Who do we serve then without the same revelation? If to have only half the Epignosis of Jesus are we then half serving Jesus? Certainly we could serve "a Jesus Christ" of considerable form, but not "the Jesus Christ" whom the Spirit reveals to us in much more substantial and clearly defined form. This must be fully considered as any GnosisKnowledge is to broaden out into what we know about what we are doing and how we might be attempting humanly to adjust to any present situation possibly occuring.
  3. FaithObtainedThroughRighteousnessGodSavior - Without the Spirit's revelation of Jesus what we would be able to ascertain for ourselves to know is a much compromised attainment. Certainly we would know that Jesus was a miracle man. To comprehend the use and meaning of miracles minus the deeper understanding of His righteousness though is to pull any comprehension the side of vanity. Certainly we would know that Jesus was a good teacher. Without the comprehension of His righteousness again then the goodness we think that we see in Him is pulled askew toward our vanity as well. Righteousness and vanity have very little if any common ground (though we think that they do). What type of faith can one obtain without it?
  4. GracePeaceMultipliedKnowledgeGodJesus - The people in the surrounding area it is written "saw a great light" in Jesus but they hardened their heart to it. How could they harden to a simple miracle man, a simple good teacher, simply a feeder/healer of thousands at a time? It wasn't because of these good things. It was because of what the light revealed about their hearts and intentions. Their heart's intention was to make Jesus into something only good not something direct from God righteous. It is hard if not altogether impossible on human terms for the heart to be at grace and peace about what terrible things are being revealed about it. It is only by the Holy Spirit's revelation of what immense love from God this righteousness is supposed to mean that true spiritual grace and peace can be received. To know this exclusive grace and peace (call it love) is essential to all further spiritual matters.
  5. DivinePowerGivenAllThingsLifeGodliness - So far we have considered true faith as divinely given by righteousness, true virtue as divinely given by righteousness, now true operational knowledge as divinely given by righteousness. It sounds weird to say, but in essence God has given us: "us", the new spiritual "us" and everything that is to make us us by revealing the greater revelation of who HIS son Jesus Christ is and what that is to mean to us. HIS divine knowledge knows exactly the form and the means of making us precisely this new us and that transformation is carried out in the EpignosisKnowledge thus animating the GnosisKnowledge of our daily life. Can we stand firm in that essence? in the face of all the corruption that is trying to make that essence not so?
  6. CalledToGloryVirtue - It is interesting to consider whether or not we were in this glory and virtue back in "The Garden". If it was so and that was our calling most fulfilled, why then did God leave us an out? Was it by God's mistake? Or was it that our calling still remained ahead of us? That garden experience is sealed off from us now, we can't go back to it. That does not mean that that Garden spot is the place that we were supposed to be, it may mean that it was the starting point for a long spiritual journey that would lead those of enough VirtuousFaith toward the eventual obtainment of that calling to glory and virtue in Christ Jesus. It is a glory and virtue produced in the full knowing and acknowledgement of He that is doing the calling, something that we may not have fully had even back in the Garden.
  7. ExceedingPromisesPartakersDivineNature - Speaking of that Garden, you'll recall the accusation of us becoming "gods in our own eyes". Is this what was meant by Peter's phrase "partaking of divine nature"? Being gods? Is that what was promised? Ofcourse not. Why then do we proceed in the mode of daily operation facing the many issues and concerns in our day in a faith that more closely resembles the "gods in our own eyes" nature than not? To approach these many gritty things as if you need to come up with some sort of a plan or answer/that you need to do something yourself to improve this situation/to improve upon what you already have been able to make of it/to lessen what you have carelessly done to hinder your better effort; this is what any man of any faith can summon up from within himself. How is that not being "gods in our own eyes"? Should that notion not be stood against? What we need more than anything it should be concluded is to have God's own presence and influence upon us. That is only found in the person of Jesus as brought to bare by the Holy Spirit. This then is the EpignosisKnowledge driving the GnosisKnowledge towards fruition.
  8. EscapeCorruptionWorldLust - To escape in this case is to be drawn in an opposite direction. To be drawn is to be changed, to be magnetically shifted to the opposite polarity and moved by a larger body's attraction into much closer proximity. Where we were once by nature repelled (were pushed away from the larger magnetic body), we now by the metallic intercession of Christ between bodies great and small irreversibly drawn/compelled thus attached. Without that intercession we are stray creatures most compulsively feral.

There are two well known pieces of scripture that I would like to frame this part of our considerations with:

kjv@Proverbs:3:5 @ Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

kjv@Proverbs:3:6 @ In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

kjv@Proverbs:3:7 @ Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

and then

kjv@Psalms:95:8 @ Harden not your heart, as in the provocation, and as in the day of temptation in the wilderness:

kjv@Psalms:95:9 @ When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my work.

kjv@Psalms:95:10 @ Forty years long was I grieved with this generation, and said, It is a people that do err in their heart, and they have not known my ways:

At hand is the subject of diligently adding the now " GnosisKnowledge " to the valor of the " VirtuousFaith " in order to direct our daily actions. The implication of these two scriptures is that there is a problem with the not knowing of God's ways (even having had the tremendous experience of seeing first hand God's mighty works) caused by the hardening of the human heart as opposed to the more spiritual "with all one's heart" trusting and acknowledging not having to "lean on one's own understanding" in order for one's correct paths to be best directed.

It is therefore suggested that our immediate diligence be to focus whole heartedly on the obtainment of the knowledge of God's own holy and righteous ways as evidenced in the full person and authority of Jesus Christ. It is said that knowledge begins at the fear (reverence) of God. Once knowing of these ways, then stepping out in the trust and acknowledgement of such to the direction of our own particular paths.

Let us take immediate action then to seek out and receive our Lord's influence upon us in this day by excercising prayer study and meditation in this present consideration:


Remember that we are looking not just for answers but for the Lord to abundantly influence us in this area ( AboundFruitKnowledge ), to be able to apply it across the board ( AllDiligenceAdd ) and to not be shortsighted ( LackBlindPurged ) with either the resource nor the use of the direction HE is leading us.

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