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Advanced uses of pBiblx2


The "show" function of PCARR notes provides an excellent way to produce projection content. From your mMyPad note files you can outline, you can insert graphic links for pictures, you can cut and paste lyrics to worship songs.

Your projections are pure HTML and can be "Saved As" portable HTMLs, can be further edited as HTML, and best of all are autogenerated from as simple text accessible to any text editor.

(Stay tuned as I am attempting to mature this "show" feature into a multi dispay head projection feature for public presentations).

Here is an example slidy:PbiblxHitsTheStreets

RSS Feed syndication

The pBiblx2 PCARR wiki system includes automatic RSS feed generation compatable with most popular RSS-2.0 aggregators (see the RSS Feed link at the bottom of each PCAR page). This feature has the benefit of being able to view all newly created PCARR content acroosed as many trusted PCARR servers as you chose to monitor.

As all PCARR content is to remain copyright free, this is an excellent way to both preview content and to download content of interest to possibly add to your own PCARR server (see the Download This Text link at the bottom of each PCARR page).

Seperate feeds are automatically generated for each PCARR subsection such as rss:BibleNotes , rss:PracticalChristian , rss:RealGod , rss:MyPad

The pBiblx2 "master" mode


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