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The MyCalendar user app is an extension of the pBiblx2 Field Wise discussion board component providing seed groups and easy mechanism of scheduling and event planing. See UserContribution to participate.

These are a few of the MyCalendar discussions being developed on this site:

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search-hdiscuss:RecentComments@Calendar:March2012 - MYCALENDER March2012
search-hdiscuss:RecentComments@Calendar:April2012 - MYCALENDER April2012
search-hdiscuss:RecentComments@Calendar:May2012 - MYCALENDER May2012
search-hdiscuss:RecentComments@Calendar:June2012 - MYCALENDER June2012
search-hdiscuss:RecentComments@Calendar:July2012 - MYCALENDER July2012
search-hdiscuss:RecentComments@Calendar:August2012 - MYCALENDER August2012
search-hdiscuss:RecentComments@Calendar:September2012 - MYCALENDER September2012

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