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How to create your own pBiblx2 indexes.

Much of the power of the pBiblx2 Field Wise System is in it's use of simple text indexes. Whether you're looking to add to your own pBiblx2 seed or are looking to re-master your own ShepherdPupLinux like distro, writing your own index may be the easiest option available.

Let's explore how that is done!

Filling the need

Different pBiblx2 communities are bound to have different needs, different links, different resources, different multimedia media; right?

The syntax of a pBiblx2 index is simple enough to append or "roll" your own indexes.

First there is an index topic line:

Followed by any number of index item lines tied to your indexed topic line by your tag:
link <YOURTOPICTAG>@ Description or Further links ( - OPTIONAL TAGS)

The link can be anything from a internal pBiblx2 Bible verse:

kjv@John:3:16 <MYTOPIC>@ God so loved the world that...

to a external HTTP link: <MYTOPIC>@ ShepherdPupLinux home site

Internal links can use most all Version 1 and 2 PCARR wiki placeholder syntax ( HelpFile ). This means that an index can be a list of bookmarks, a list of email contacts, a list of Google maps, most anything you could desire to include into your pBiblx2 server.

The easiest way to learn to write your own index is to open up one of mine that is similar to what you'd want and either add to or start a new file.

Anything in the www/indexes folder will be read into the index selection box the next time you open an index dialog.

    Indexes are available:
  1. directly index:PbiblxIndex Read
  2. search-able by seeker
  3. quoted qi\[PbiblxIndex@Read] in PCARR
  4. quoted pictures qip\[DOREARTGALLARY@Genesis]

My hope is that you'll want to contribute your creations back to the pBiblx2 community. I will be glad to host them on

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