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A brief guide on writing your own wiki content.

Advantage of a note wiki

The initial concept behind intigrating pBiblx2 with it's own wiki mechanism was to allow others to easily contribute their own content.

As this is not a encyclopedic wiki in the truest sense, through trial and error I found that the mechanism itself was the best way to integrate personal notes into the system. Not only could one produce content in plain text, one could add some simple syntax structures to add text formatting and direct links pictures etc... Later, it occurred to me that the mechanism could also be used for more than notes, it could be used for presentations.

If you haven't seen yet some of examples of the PCARR wiki at work, might I suggest UserGuide PbiblxIntro2 PbiblxIntro3 slidy:JesusByName .

Creating Content

In the course of producing much of the initial pBiblx2 PCARR wiki content, I have some tips and suggestions for you help you to acclaimate.

  1. If your are not hosting your own pBiblx2 server you'll need to register yourself with the system administrator first. UserContribution
  2. Get you idea down in your mMyPad space before you loose it.
  3. Don't worry about spelling or syntax or even complete sentences, that will come later.
  4. Once jotted down, try to think of your idea in smaller re-usable units that can be collected into a greater whole.
  5. Until I grasped this, I found myself writing the same or similar material over and over again for different studies. It makes more sense to save yourself and others the repetitive effort, besides it is so easy to cross link in PCARR
  6. Eventually, I'll typically move my early content to a full fledged text editor.
  7. A project orriented editor like Geany will save you a lot of work. As I typically have several web browser tabs open searching references and resources, Geany becomes my content editor and organizer. I'll save my open Geany tabs as a project so that I can come right back to my project without any fuss.
  8. When there is enough content to begin focusing on wiki syntax have some of my example content nearby.
  9. Learn from those who have gone before you. At the very least keep HelpFile open in edit mode.
  10. Remember that wiki content should also serve as Presentation content.
  11. Shorter paragraphs, getting directly to the point, not being too wordy, help to make for a better presentaton.
  12. Don't become overly preachy.
  13. Remember that a pBiblx2 server's audience is anyone that happens to browse by. Light, polite, lean and clean, sincere and direct are the best guidelines. Make your content something that draws un-believers in rather than driving them off.

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