Welcome to the Discussion Board feature of the pBiblx2 Field Wise System PCARR Wiki.

The discussion board is where PCARR users like you can post comments and links and ideas related to the page that you are currently reading. It strengthens the pBiblx2 concept of open and free sharing of God's word by allowing feedback and further development of practical application.

Simply find a page the you are interested in, then click on the discussion link on the main pBiblx panel. If comments have been already posted you will be able to read them. If you wish to participate in the discussion and you've contacted the site administrator for a user password then simply post your comment in the comment dialog.

PCARR authors can also place comment place holders at any point and any number of times in their writing Comment Board:TestComment to garner audience feedback. An identifiable thread will be created for holding discussions by camelcase name.

Finally, all comments can be read in the RecentComments files for each PCAR subdivision RecentComments nRecentComments mRecentComments rRecentComments.

It is my personal belief that via user discussion boards, pBiblx2 offers a powerful way to present practical bible application guides relying on the real life experiences of real users.

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