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by rRandyP

The two greatest weaknesses of most bible software have become the greatest strengths of ShepherdPupLinux.

    The two greatest weakness you ask:
  1. Giving
  2. Sharing


From it's very conception ShepherdPupLinux has been meant to be freely given to others.

An outstanding self contained CD operating system PuppyLinux customized with a complete freely distributable Bible study suite and reference library pBiblx. Thousands of copies of our previous version have found their way out into the streets already.

But now... Now with the inclusion of the the new pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System your act of giving takes on much deeper meaning... You are giving others the ability to share as well!


pBiblx2, the centerpiece of ShepherdPupLinux, is your own personal internet bible server accessible by anyone, from any computer, any where, any browser, any operating system.

Even if you don't have the opportunity to give your CD you can share your own pBiblx2 website.

And because this sharing is all open and accessible, others have the opportunity to share with you; regardless of whether they host their own pBiblx2 site or not.

Most importantly, because of your sharing others have the ability to share with others. You see, pBiblx2 is not one server serving users from the top down, it is many personal servers serving the community at large from the bottom up.

Even amongst those high dollar seminary type products these tremendous abilities are but a fantasy.

!Yet all this is here now, freely available with pBiblx2.Here it is, freely distributable, ready to implement on ShepherdPupLinux. To the praise of God!

The Past

In the past, your hard work in studying God's Word has been stored in your closet either on reams of notebook paper or on a hard drive of no use to anybody including yourself; rarely to see the light of day.

Perhaps you've benefited personally from your studies to some extent, but, have others benefited from your effort though? Can others access your studies notes and resources? Anytime, anywhere? Can you access theirs?

Well this is what pBiblx2 means by sharing. This is what ShepherdPupLinux means by giving.

Up till now Bible study has been pretty much exclusively for/by you.

This then is now!

You are Field Wise!

Your pBiblx2 system follows you where ever you go, thanks in large part to the simplicity of ShepherdPupLinux!

How to:

This might all sound too complicated; actually it is quite easy to setup.

There is plenty of other help for you to get started (see: PbiblxHelp )

The Future

It is our hope that one day this would all lead to common openness amongst all bible software and a large scale world wide evangelistic effort amongst all Christians.

We know that because of the church's current addiction to copyrights and proprietary software that this effort will be largely driven by the freely offered contributions and determination of the believers sitting out in the pews - the soldiers out in the streets.

... opportunities to reach out - take charge - connect new believers to the awesome Word of God in exciting new ways.

pBiblx2 has the flexibility to become whatever you most need it to be!

Please give pBiblx2 a thorough test drive athttp://shepherdpuplinux.us/pbiblx2

Experience the Wow!

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