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How to share your pBiblx2 server IP publicly.

Note: 7/28/2011 Testing is nearly completed on a DNS forwarding component that will allow our pBiblx2 server to forward your users to your dynamic IP. On your side an ip update is sent to our component. Your users then could be pointed to your address with a URL such as shepeherdpuplinux.us/seeds.pl?Seed=YOURSEEDNAME. Stay tuned!

Internet Domain Names

There are simple ways to share your pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible server with others even if you do not have an existing Internet "Domain Name" and are restricted to "Dynamic IP Addresses" by your Internet provider. The easiest is to register with one of the many free Dynamic DNS services.

Basically, they'll allow you to append a name of your choosing onto one of their existing general purpose domain names (example "MYNAME".HOMELINUX.NET). This way all you have to do is hand/email your intended users your domain name, far better than your IP address especially if your address constantly changes (dynamic). Most of these services provide a update client so that when your boot your server, their client on your server updates their records of what IP address your server is currently on. Some services even have a client program that can be run by your home Internet router.

Be aware that these free services often are trying to sell you service upgrades (not necessarily a bad thing if your domain catches on). My particular service informs me monthly via email that my free domain name must be re-registered in order to continue service ( a small inconvenience for such a valuable free service).

Firewalls on home routers

Another issue that may or may not effect your public pBiblx2 server is the firewall settings on your home router. Most all consumer units have a web interface that you'd log into to administrate the firewall settings. You will want to enable "HTTP FORWARDING" on port 80 forwarding to port 80 on your pBiblx2 servers IP address.

On my router I have also enabled STATIC IP ASSIGNMENT by MAC so that my pBiblx server doesn't change address locally. There are plenty of HOWTO articles around if this isn't documented in your router manual already. Typically this much more simple than it sounds as this is a fairly common user requirement.

If another additional HTTP server is being offered publicly on your LAN, you may have to change port numbers, which in turn might involve changing the port binding in the /etc/hiawatha/hiawatha.conf file.

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