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by rRandyP

The pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System on a freely distributable self contained bootable CD.

Shepherd Pup Linux is an exciting new way for Christians to study the Bible and to share the Bible with their friends and with others:

  • It is a Compact Disc for PC containing a complete pre-configured pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System. Bibles, dictionaries, topical indexes, maps, pictures, tons of Christian Internet links, plus so much more, all at your disposal ready for you to utilize or to freely hand out as a gift or tract or witnessing tool. (see PbiblxIntro2 slidy:PbiblxHitsTheStreets )
  • It is a self contained Linux operating system complete with versatile office and Internet applications; thousands more applications available for immediate download. (see PuppyLinux)
  • Within a few simple steps you/they could be sharing your personal pBiblx2 "seed" across the Internet with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Your home based ministry can be up and live on the Internet within moments with one CD and no installation, no fuss.
  • You can easily clone a custom built 'Shep' adding your own notes, tags, links and indexes for your own distribution.

  • Home site:http://shepherdpuplinux.us

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    Original Release Statement 07/19/2008:

    It is natural when examining new Bible study software to explore it in terms of ones self. How will I benefit from this? How does this compare for me to that? It is the built in consumer within us that judges feature for feature what will work for us personally. I suppose this tendency is good to a certain respect and to fight this tendency might well be futile. But, amongst my Christian brothers I certainly will fight the notion to another much greater respect.

    When I introduce ShepherdPup to most tech aware Christians their very first reaction is predictable. “Have you tried X”? “I’ve just purchased Y”! “Why should I use Z when 90% of computers run Microsoft”? My response most often is totally unforeseen by them and is oppsite to a consumer’s intuition. “This is not just for you, this is for the many others that you will be freely giving this to”.

    The simple often overlooked fact is that Christianity is meant to given.

    Personal Bible study is one thing; communal study and evangelism quiet another. I can’t give a Microsoft OS away; I can’t give “Y” away; therefore they were not even considered. There is a version of “X” called “Z” and “Z” is very nice but, it takes up a whole lot of room, room that could be used for providing as many Bible resources on one CD as possible. And one intention should be made clear: “ShepherdPup is meant to be self contained” “set apart from the host’s normal OS”; how then is that to happen with X Y or Z?

    And while a great many have studied the Bible until they became blue in the face with these products, few are any closer to sharing God’s Word to others than they were the day they started. Few have developed the resources to “Win” a new believer to the Word, the resources to “Disciple” a maturing believer in the Word, the resources to “Send” a prepared believer with the Word armed and ready into this unbelieving world. And to be able to freely hand over these resources? And for them to be able to freely give from that? We are talking about the difference between consumerism and the hand of God here…how shall we compare them?

    These are the consumer perceptions ShepherdPup must be able to fight. Your word of mouth is how we intend to fight that fight.

    If this is the tool or resource that you chose to give (one of many I hope), then you should familiarize yourself with it; not only it’s parts and pieces, but, also some of its underlying evangelistic possibilities. Think of the friends and family and coworkers that this could be given to and how you could approach them. Think of the groups and congregations that this could be given to and how to approach them. Think of the total strangers and how you could approach them.

    Be prepared to share your testimony. Be prepared to share His Word in any form. Be prepared to show it on ShepherdPup if the opportunity arises. Have your notes with you on USB flash. Be ready to make copies on demand. Search out the leading of God amongst the people you are with each day. And follow up with the people to whom you’ve witnessed to.

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