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How ShepherdPupLinux has become an evangelical opportunity.

Recently, some friends of mine were in a predicament. The three roommates who once shared a computer now suddenly found themselves with out a computer (impounded.. it's a long story). So they called who? ....me.

I was thankfully able to arrange the donation of an older Dell laptop with a slow and over sized WindowsXP bogging it down from a kind (but MS loyal) soul.

Enter ShepherdPupLinux.

Not only did ShepherdPupLinux boot on it complete with no additional configuration, Shep restored this 2004 vintage Dell to her youthful snap and vigor. The best thing was that there upon every reboot was a customized pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System screen with random bible quotes of the day greeting the three at every turn.

Since then I've been asked to return to configure their wireless connection. Two of the three have become biblical inquisitive, the other...well... he can't wait to get his impounded computer back.

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