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tsk@Deuteronomy:17:10 @ 1 And thou shalt do according to the sentence, which they of that place which the LORD shall choose shall shew thee; and thou shalt observe to do according to all that they inform thee: strkjv@Matthew:22:2-3

tsk@Daniel:9:22 @ 1 he informed strkjv@Daniel:9:24-27; strkjv@Daniel:8:16; strkjv@Daniel:10:21;z strkjv@Ecclesiastes:1:9 strkjv@Ecclesiastes:1:14 z strkjv@Ecclesiastes:6:4-5; strkjv@Revelation:4:1

tsk@Acts:24:1 @ 7 informed strkjv@Acts:25:2 strkjv@Acts:25:15 strkjv@Psalms:11:2

tsk@Acts:25:2 @ 1 Then the high priest and the chief of the Jews informed him against Paul, and besought him, strkjv@Acts:25:15; strkjv@Acts:24:1; strkjv@Job:31:31; strkjv@Proverbs:4:16; strkjv@Romans:3:12-19

Author: (Attributed often to) R.A. Torrey from references in the Rev. Thomas Scott's Commentary and the Comprehensive Bible

Published: Samuel Bagster - London
License: Public Domain

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Basic - tsk@Genesis:1:1-5
Basic Parallel - wv[kjv@tsk@Genesis:1:1-5]
Basic with Naves overlay - xv[tsk@Genesis:1:1-5]
Basic with Easton overlay - yv[tsk@Genesis:1:1-5]
Basic with Map overlay - zv[tsk@Joshua:12:1-5]

Basic STRING - tsk@STRING:love+thy
Boolean AND - tsk@STRING:lovingkindness+AND+mercy
Boolean NOT - tsk@STRING:lovingkindness+NOT+mercy
Boolean OR - tsk@STRING:lovingkindness+OR+mercy
Boolean AND with Filter - filter:OT lovingkindness+AND+mercy
Boolean NOT with Filter - filter:OT lovingkindness+NOT+mercy
Boolean OR with Filter - filter:NT kindness+OR+mercy


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