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This pBiblx2 server's rules and guidelines for user contributions.

Users of this pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible system are encouraged to contribute to the content in several meaningful ways.

Discussion Board Comments

Every PCARR wiki pages has the ability to become it's own discussion board open to reader feedback, questions, comments and discussion, external resources etc... The page author and editors also have the ability to put Discussion Board placeholders anywhere within the page that they see fit.

Because of the high visibility of the main LikePreciousFaith home site and it's vulnerability to spamers and malicious mis-contents, pBiblx2 has been programmed to restrict user input to those that have contacted the site administrator and received a password for discussion board comments.

To register see PbiblxCommentRegister.html .

Page Authoring and Editing

Creating and editing content on a pBiblx2 system again requires a separate password to be requested from the site administrator.

Because of the high visibility of the main LikePreciousFaith home site and it's vulnerability to web bots and malicious mal-contents, the main site has chosen to allow content creation only from known and trusted sources such as other pBiblx2 server authors.

It is hoped that the pBiblx2 server community will grow and that each of you will eventually plant your own server seed to share and to develop and groom content on. see: PbiblxCreateWikiContent

Individual pBiblx2 sites are free to implement their own policies as to user contribution.

To register see PbiblxEditRegister.html .


Current policy requires a Discussion Board level password only. To register see PbiblxCommentRegister.html .


One of the greatest strengths of the pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System is it's use of easily constructed and maintained indexes. Indexes can contain most any type of reference material including external links to other web materials.

Index authoring can be done privately by anyone with a standard plain text editor then saved by the site administrator into the systems index directory. Please email the site administrator with your content. PbiblxCreateIndexes

It is hoped that you will wish to share your matured content with the main ShepherdPupLinux site for possible inclusion in future pBiblx2 releases.

This sites administrator: mailto:ADMIN

Site Content Guidelines

This is a layman ministry and as such presents various ideas and doctrinal beliefs strictly on a "AS IS" basis. The reader must be aware that many statements are personal conjecture.

This site is a self policed. We'd hate to discourage participation even even those who strongly disagree with our Christian beliefs. We only ask that dissent be presented intelligibly and with common courtesy and respect.

We try to avoid outright soap box preaching and try to allow room for others to participate as equals.

As there are many younger participants here, language should remain clean and concise. Texting abbreviations and slang should be avoided.

Question #1:
Do you accept this site's rules of conduct?

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