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The Calvary Reach Monday Night fellowship group meets every week 6:30pm at the Pritts residence. Refreshments and beverages will be served. Come as you are prepared for bible study, prayer and fellowship. This page serves as the current posting and archive resource for the group and for those unable to attend regularly. Anyone is welcome to attend regardless of church affiliation.

(currently the group is adult only - no child care provided)

Monday 11/5/2017

New - PaulNazariteVow Paul in Acts:18 and Acts:21 performs a temporary Nazarite vow for purification yet in Galatians:2 etc.. insists that believers are dead to the Law. Is there contradiction?

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Monday 10/30/2017 - Video on Reformation

Monday 10/23/2017 - Ryan Reeves video on background to the Reformation

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