RSS Feed 101 Welcome to the pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System at "The Happy Happy" happines in the modern era - how to find it. UPDATED Layman RandyPFebruary 28 2020101 Psalm:2 "The Nations Rage" do the nations rage and the people imagine a vain thing? UPDATED Layman RandyPMarch 10 2020101 Psalm:3 "No Help for Him in God", but don't write the saint off yet my friend. Layman RandyPJuly 13th 2019101 Psalm:4 "Ye Sons of Men...How Long? long will you turn my glory into shame? UPDATED Layman RandyPMarch 16 2020101 "The Best Intentions of a Saint" best intentions of a saint... do we ever reach them? Layman RandyPJuly 21 2019101 "My Soul - Greatly Troubled" a mile in a saints shoes. Layman RandyPJuly 16 2019101 "All Them That Persecute Me""Behold, my son, which came forth of my bowels, seeketh my life" Layman RandyPJuly 12 2019101 "What is Man that You are Mindful" person of Christ explained in a very mindful way. Layman RandyPJuly 29 2019101 "The LORD is Known by the Judgment HE Executes" an era where God for the most part is not known it will become easy to understand why. Layman RandyPAugust 7 2019101 "Profile of the Wicked" the wicked are saying and doing, why they are doing it and the overall effect it is having. Layman RandyPAugust 13 2019101 "The Testing of the Righteous""If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Layman RandyPAugust 28 2019101 "The Faithful Disappear" are the godly and faithful ceasing/disappearing? Layman RandyPSeptember 8 2019101 "Lighten Mine Eyes" may not find ourselves literally in a situation like David is experiencing today, but we know well a few of these sentiments... Layman RandyPSeptember 15 2019101 "Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion!""The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God." Layman RandyPOctober 1 2019101 "Who Shall Abide In Thy Tabernacle?" might this person be? and how is it that this person comes to abide in the Lord's Tabernacle? Layman RandyPOctober 24 2019101 "Thine Holy One" would like to paint an amazing picture for you today from 16: of someone we should all probably get to know a little bit better: thine Holy One. Layman RandyPOctober 28th 2019101 "Scriptural Guidance on Just Cause" thorough discussion challenging our modern perceptions of just cause. Layman RandyPNovember 7th 2019101 "The LORD Liveth" do we know for certain that the LORD liveth? Perhaps we should consider David's example. Layman RandyPNovember 13th 2019101 "Let the Words of My Mouth, and the Meditation of My Heart, be Acceptable in Thy Sight" Heavens, the daytime sky, the sun, the Torah all have something to say about the glory of God. What is it that we all need to be hearing? Layman RandyPNovember 18th 2019101 "Now Know I that the LORD Saveth His Anointed" is the anointed that Jehovah is supposed to grant the his heart and fulfill all his counsel? You? I? David? Israel? Messiah? My bet is on Messiah and here is the evidence to proof it. Layman RandyPNovember 21th 2019101 "Messianic Profile 1: The King" first of several important Messianic profiles upcoming for us to get to know our Messiah. This profile is on Messiah as King. Layman RandyPDecember 2nd 2019101 "Messianic Profile 2: Suffering Servant" second of several important Messianic profiles upcoming for us to get to know our Messiah. This profile is on Messiah as Suffering Servant. Layman RandyPDecember 15th 2019101 "Praise Becoming the Upright" - Praise in the midst of a global pandemic question is often asked "why worship a God who allows for all of this" Here's one evangelist's explaination why. Layman RandyPApril 8th 2020101 "Let Not Mine Enemies Triumph Over Me"@ Layman RandyP the just cause of fighting racism June 17th 2020101 "Messianic Profile 3: Shepherd / Overseer" of our most treasured Psalms... do we mean what it says? Layman RandyPJune 24th 2020101 "Messianic Profile 4: Jehovah" Messiah Jehovah also? Is there a trinity? Does Messiah need to be God to be Messiah? Layman RandyPJuly 13th 2020101 "Lessons on Integrity for the Next Generation" the current civil war over the hearts and minds of today's youth, Integrity will be the key to the next generation's success. Layman RandyPJuly 21st 2020101 "Of Whom shall I be Affraid" certainly live in troubled times today as did king David. What is our role as we take on the Lord's many enemies? Layman RandyPJuly 24st 2020101