Abundant Entrance Kingdom

2Peter 1:11 kjv

(11) For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Contextual Anchors

1. Entrance
Quoted resource: strongs 'G1529'

G1529 @ εἴσοδος eisodos ice'-od-os From G1519 and G3598; an entrance (literally or figuratively): - coming enter (-ing) in (to).

2. Abundantly
Quoted resource: strongs 'G4146'

G4146 @ πλουσίως plousiōs ploo-see'-oce From G4145; copiously: - abundantly richly.

3. Kingdom
Quoted resource: strongs 'G932'

G932 @ βασιλεία basileia bas-il-i'-ah From G935; properly royalty that is (abstractly) rule or (concretely) a realm (literally or figuratively): - kingdom + reign.

Quoted resource: tcr 'KINGDOM'

KINGDOM OF CHRIST @ kjv@Matthew:16:28; kjv@Luke:22:30; kjv@Luke:23:42; kjv@John:18:36; kjv@Philippians:2:10 kjv@Hebrews:1:8; kjv@Revelation:11:15; kjv@Revelation:17:14 Christ King, SOVEREIGNTY

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, SIMILITUDES OF @ kjv@Matthew:13:24,31,44,47; kjv@Matthew:20:1; kjv@Matthew:22:2; kjv@Matthew:25:1

KINGDOM SIMILITUDES @ kjv@Matthew:13:31,33; kjv@Mark:4:26; kjv@Luke:13:18

KINGDOM, SPIRITUAL @ (1) General References to- kjv@Luke:17:21; kjv@John:3:5; kjv@John:18:36; kjv@Romans:14:17; kjv@1Corinthians:4:20; kjv@1Corinthians:15:50 (2) Conditions of Entrance into Humility- kjv@Matthew:5:3,10 Sympathetic Service- kjv@Matthew:25:34; kjv@Matthew:25:35; kjv@Luke:6:20 Perseverance- kjv@Luke:9:62 New Birth- kjv@John:3:3 Endurance- kjv@Acts:14:22; kjv@2Thessalonians:1:5 Faith and Love- kjv@James:2:5 Eternal Life, LIFE (3) Coming with Power- kjv@Daniel:2:44; kjv@Mark:9:1; kjv@Acts:2:2,3,4; kjv@1Corinthians:4:20; kjv@Revelation:11:17 kjv@Revelation:12:10; kjv@Revelation:19:6 (4) Eternal. See IMMUTABILITY (5) The Growth of. See MISSIONS (6) Near at Hand- kjv@Matthew:3:2; kjv@Matthew:4:17; kjv@Matthew:10:7; kjv@Luke:21:31 (7) Preaching of- kjv@Mark:1:14; kjv@Luke:4:43; kjv@Luke:8:1; kjv@Luke:9:2; kjv@Luke:16:16; kjv@Acts:1:3; kjv@Acts:8:12 kjv@Acts:20:25; kjv@Acts:28:23 Preaching, LEADERS Gospel Universal, GOSPEL

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