Divine Power Hath Given All Things Pertaining to Life and Godliness

Divine Power

Quoted resource: strongs 'G1411'

G1411 @ δύναμις dunamis doo'-nam-is From G1410; force (literally or figuratively); specifically miraculous power (usually by implication a miracle itself): - ability abundance meaning might (-ily -y -y deed) (worker of) miracle (-s) power strength violence mighty (wonderful) work.

(see: Word study DunamisPower or sl[102@DunamisPower])

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Hath Given

Quoted resource: strongs 'G1433'

G1433 @ δωρέομαι dōreomai do-reh'-om-ahee Middle voice from G1435; to bestow gratuitously: - give.

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Quoted resource: strongs 'G2222'

G2222 @ ζωή zōē dzo-ay' From G2198; life (literally or figuratively): - life (-time). Compare G5590.

(see: Word study ZoeLife or sl[102@ZoeLife])

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Quoted resource: strongs 'G2150'

G2150 @ εὐσέβεια eusebeia yoo-seb'-i-ah From G2152; piety; specifically the gospel scheme: - godliness holiness.

(see: Word study EusebeiaGodliness or sl[102@EusebeiaGodliness])

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Doctrinal Context: God's Grace

(see: Topical study - TorreyGodsGrace or sl[102@TorreyGodsGrace])

Quoted resource: torrey 'Grace'

Grace @ God is the God of all kjv@1Peter:5:10 -- God is the Giver of kjv@Psalms:84:11 kjv@James:1:17 -- God's throne, the throne of kjv@Hebrews:4:16 -- The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of kjv@Zechariah:12:10 kjv@Hebrews:10:29 -- Was upon Christ kjv@Luke:2:40 kjv@John:3:24 -- Christ spoke with kjv@Psalms:45:2 kjv@Luke:4:22 -- Christ was full of kjv@John:1:14 -- Came by Christ kjv@John:1:17 kjv@Romans:5:15 -- Given by Christ kjv@1Corinthians:1:4 -- Foretold by the prophets kjv@1Peter:1:10 -- Riches of, exhibited in God's kindness through Christ kjv@Ephesians:2:7 -- Glory of, exhibited in our acceptance in Christ kjv@Ephesians:1:6 -- Is described as -- Great kjv@Acts:4:33 -- Sovereign kjv@Romans:5:21 -- Rich kjv@Ephesians:1:7 kjv@Ephesians:2:7 -- Exceeding kjv@2Corinthians:9:14 -- Manifold kjv@1Peter:4:10 -- All-sufficient kjv@2Corinthians:12:9 -- All-abundant kjv@Romans:5:15 kjv@Romans:5:17 kjv@Romans:5:20 -- Glorious kjv@Ephesians:1:6 -- The gospel, a declaration of kjv@Acts:20:24 kjv@Acts:20:32 -- Is the source of -- Election kjv@Romans:11:5 -- The call of God kjv@Galatians:1:15 -- Justification kjv@Romans:3:24 kjv@Titus:3:7 -- Faith kjv@Acts:18:27 -- Forgiveness of sins kjv@Ephesians:1:7 -- Salvation kjv@Acts:15:11 kjv@Ephesians:2:5 kjv@Ephesians:2:8 -- Consolation kjv@2Thessalonians:2:16 -- Hope kjv@2Thessalonians:2:16 -- Necessary to the service of God kjv@Hebrews:12:28 -- God's work completed in saints by kjv@2Thessalonians:1:11 kjv@2Thessalonians:1:12 -- The success and completion of the work of God to be attributed to kjv@Zechariah:4:7 -- Inheritance of the promises by kjv@Romans:4:16 -- Justification by, opposed to that by works kjv@Romans:4:4 kjv@Romans:4:5 kjv@Romans:11:6 kjv@Galatians:5:4 -- Saints -- Are heirs of kjv@1Peter:3:7 -- Are under kjv@Romans:6:14 -- Receive, from Christ kjv@John:1:16 -- Are what they are by kjv@1Corinthians:15:10 kjv@2Corinthians:1:12 -- Abound in gifts of kjv@Acts:4:33 kjv@2Corinthians:8:1 kjv@2Corinthians:9:8 kjv@2Corinthians:9:14 -- Should be established in kjv@Hebrews:13:9 -- Should be strong in kjv@2Timothy:2:1 -- Should grow in kjv@2Peter:3:18 -- Should speak with kjv@Ephesians:4:29 kjv@Colossians:4:6 -- Specially given -- To ministers kjv@Romans:12:3 kjv@Romans:12:6 kjv@Romans:15:15 kjv@1Corinthians:3:10 kjv@Galatians:2:9 kjv@Ephesians:3:7 -- To the humble kjv@Proverbs:3:34 kjv@James:4:6 -- To those who walk uprightly kjv@Psalms:84:11 -- Not to be received in vain kjv@2Corinthians:6:1 -- Pray for -- For yourselves kjv@Hebrews:4:16 -- For others kjv@2Corinthians:13:14 kjv@Ephesians:6:24 -- Beware lest you fail of kjv@Hebrews:12:15 -- Manifestation of, in others, a cause of gladness kjv@Acts:11:23 kjv@1John:1:3 kjv@1John:1:4 -- Special manifestation of, at the second coming of Christ kjv@1Peter:1:13 -- Not to be abused kjv@Romans:3:8 kjv@Romans:6:1 kjv@Romans:6:15 -- Antinomians abused kjv@Jude:1:4

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