Obtained Like Precious Faith Through the Righteousness of God and Savior


To Them that have Obtained Like Precious Faith

Obtained (as by lot):

Quoted resource: strongs 'G2975'

G2975 @ λαγχάνω lagchanō lang-khan'-o A prolonged form of a primary verb which is only used as an alternate in certain tenses; to lot that is determine (by implication receive) especially by lot: - his lot be cast lots obtain.

kjv@Hebrews:12:2 @ Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith...

kjv@Romans:12:3 @ For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Like Precious:

Quoted resource: strongs 'G2472'

G2472 @ ἰσότιμος isotimos ee-sot'-ee-mos From G2470 and G5092; of equal value or honor: - like precious.

kjv@Ephesians:1:13 @ In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,


Quoted resource: strongs 'G4102'

G4102 @ πίστις pistis pis'-tis From G3982; persuasion that is credence; moral conviction (of religious truth or the truthfulness of God or a religious teacher) especially reliance upon Christ for salvation; abstractly constancy in such profession; by extension the system of religious (Gospel) truth itself: - assurance belief believe faith fidelity.

(see: word study - PistisFaith or sl[102@PistisFaith])

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(Obtained) Through the Righteousness


Quoted resource: strongs 'G1722'

G1722 @ ἐν en en A primary preposition denoting (fixed) position (in place time or state) and (by implication) instrumentality (medially or constructively) that is a relation of rest (intermediate between G1519 and G1537); in at (up-) on by etc.: - about after against + almost X altogether among X as at before between (here-) by (+ all means) for (. . . sake of) + give self wholly to (here-) in (-to -wardly) X mightily (because) of (up-) on [open-] ly X outwardly one X quickly X shortly [speedi-] ly X that X there (-in -on) through (-out) (un-) to(-ward) under when where (-with) while with (-in). Often used in compounds with substantially the same import; rarely with verbs of motion and then not to indicate direction except (elliptically) by a separate (and different) prep.


Quoted resource: strongs 'G1343'

G1343 @ δικαιοσύνη dikaiosunē dik-ah-yos-oo'-nay From G1342; equity (of character or act); specifically (Christian) justification: - righteousness.

Pistis and Dikaiosune found together:

(see: word study - DikaiosuneRighteousness or sl[102@DikaiosuneRighteousness])

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Of God

Quoted resource: strongs 'G2316'

G2316 @ θεός theos theh'-os Of uncertain affinity; a deity especially (with G3588) the supreme Divinity; figuratively a magistrate; by Hebraism very: - X exceeding God god [-ly -ward].

and Savior

Quoted resource: strongs 'G4990'

G4990 @ σωτήρ sōtēr so-tare' From G4982; a deliverer that is God or kjv@Christ: - saviour.

(see: word study - SotareSavior or sl[102@SotareSavior])

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Doctrinal Study - Righteousness of God

(see TorreyRighteousnessOfGod or sTorreyRighteousnessOfGod )

Quoted resource: torrey 'Righteousness of'

Righteousness of God, the @ Is part of his character kjv@Psalms:7:9 kjv@Psalms:116:5 kjv@Psalms:119:137 -- Described as -- Very high kjv@Psalms:71:19 -- Abundant kjv@Psalms:48:10 -- Beyond computation kjv@Psalms:71:15 -- Everlasting kjv@Psalms:119:142 -- Enduring for ever kjv@Psalms:111:3 -- The habitation of his throne kjv@Psalms:97:2 -- Christ acknowledged kjv@John:17:25 -- Christ committed his cause to kjv@1Peter:2:23 -- Angels acknowledge kjv@Revelation:16:5 -- Exhibited in -- His testimonies kjv@Psalms:119:138 kjv@Psalms:119:144 -- His commandments kjv@Deuteronomy:4:8 kjv@Psalms:119:172 -- His judgments kjv@Psalms:19:9 kjv@Psalms:119:7 kjv@Psalms:119:62 -- His word kjv@Psalms:119:123 -- His ways kjv@Psalms:145:17 -- His acts kjv@Judges:5:11 kjv@1Samuel:12:7 -- His government kjv@Psalms:96:13 kjv@Psalms:98:9 -- The gospel kjv@Psalms:85:10 kjv@Romans:3:25 kjv@Romans:3:26 -- The final judgment kjv@Acts:17:31 -- The punishment of the wicked kjv@Romans:2:5 kjv@2Thessalonians:1:6 kjv@Revelation:16:7 kjv@Revelation:19:2 -- Shown to the posterity of saints kjv@Psalms:103:17 -- Shown openly before the heathen kjv@Psalms:98:2 -- God delights in the exercise of kjv@Jeremiah:9:24 -- The heavens shall declare kjv@Psalms:50:6 kjv@Psalms:97:6 -- Saints -- Ascribe, to him kjv@Job:36:3 kjv@Daniel:9:7 -- Acknowledge, in his dealings kjv@Ezra:9:15 -- Acknowledge, though the wicked prosper kjv@Jeremiah:12:1 kjv@Psalms:73:12-17 -- Recognise, in the fulfilment of his promises kjv@Nehemiah:9:8 -- Confident of beholding kjv@Micah:7:9 -- Upheld by kjv@Isaiah:41:10 -- Do not conceal kjv@Psalms:40:10 -- Mention, only kjv@Psalms:71:16 -- Talk of kjv@Psalms:35:28 kjv@Psalms:71:15 kjv@Psalms:71:24 -- Declare to others kjv@Psalms:22:31 -- Magnify kjv@Psalms:7:17 kjv@Psalms:51:14 kjv@Psalms:145:7 -- Plead in prayer kjv@Psalms:143:11 kjv@Daniel:9:16 -- Leads God to love righteousness kjv@Psalms:11:7 -- We should pray -- To be led in kjv@Psalms:5:8 -- To be quickened in kjv@Psalms:119:40 -- To be delivered in kjv@Psalms:31:1 kjv@Psalms:71:2 -- To be answered in kjv@Psalms:143:1 -- To be judged according to kjv@Psalms:35:24 -- For its continued manifestation kjv@Psalms:36:10 -- His care and defence of his people designed to teach kjv@Micah:6:4 kjv@Micah:6:5 -- The wicked have no interest in kjv@Psalms:69:27 -- Illustrated kjv@Psalms:36:6

Doctrinal Study - Justification

Quoted resource: torrey 'Justification'

Justification Before God @ Promised in Christ kjv@Isaiah:45:25 kjv@Isaiah:53:11 -- Is the act of God kjv@Isaiah:50:8 kjv@Romans:8:33 -- Under law -- Requires perfect obedience kjv@Leviticus:18:5 kjv@Romans:10:5 kjv@Romans:2:13 kjv@James:2:10 -- Man cannot attain to kjv@Job:9:2 kjv@Job:9:3 kjv@Job:9:20 kjv@Job:25:4 kjv@Psalms:130:3 kjv@Psalms:143:2 kjv@Romans:3:20 kjv@Romans:9:31 kjv@Romans:9:32 -- Under the gospel -- Is not of works kjv@Acts:13:39 kjv@Romans:8:3 kjv@Galatians:2:16 kjv@Galatians:3:11 -- Is not of faith and works united kjv@Acts:15:1-29 kjv@Romans:3:28 kjv@Romans:11:6 kjv@Galatians:2:14-21 kjv@Galatians:5:4 -- Is by faith alone kjv@John:5:24 kjv@Acts:13:39 kjv@Romans:3:30 kjv@Romans:5:1 kjv@Galatians:2:16 -- Is of grace kjv@Romans:3:24 kjv@Romans:4:16 kjv@Romans:5:17-21 -- In the name of Christ kjv@1Corinthians:6:11 -- By imputation of Christ's righteousness kjv@Isaiah:61:10 kjv@Jeremiah:23:6 kjv@Romans:3:22 kjv@Romans:5:18 kjv@1Corinthians:1:30 kjv@2Corinthians:5:21 -- By the blood of Christ kjv@Romans:5:9 -- By the resurrection of Christ kjv@Romans:4:25 kjv@1Corinthians:15:17 -- Blessedness of kjv@Psalms:32:1 kjv@Psalms:32:2 kjv@Romans:4:6-8 -- Frees from condemnation kjv@Isaiah:50:8 kjv@Isaiah:50:9 kjv@Isaiah:54:17 kjv@Romans:8:33 kjv@Romans:8:34 -- Entitles to an inheritance kjv@Titus:3:7 -- Ensures glorification kjv@Romans:8:30 -- The wicked shall not attain to kjv@Exodus:23:7 -- By faith -- Revealed under the Old Testament age kjv@Habakkuk:2:4 kjv@Romans:1:17 -- Excludes boasting kjv@Romans:3:27 kjv@Romans:4:2 kjv@1Corinthians:1:29 kjv@1Corinthians:1:31 -- Does not make void the law kjv@Romans:3:30 kjv@Romans:3:31 kjv@1Corinthians:9:21 -- Typified kjv@Zechariah:3:4 kjv@Zechariah:3:5 -- Illustrated kjv@Luke:18:14 -- Exemplified -- Abraham kjv@Genesis:15:6 -- Paul kjv@Philippians:3:8 kjv@Philippians:3:9

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