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By the Spirit's overwhelming leaning I was led to salvation and grace in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ October 1979. I wish I could say that in these many years that I've become a mature forty plus year old Christian; that would not be true. Only in past decade or so have I actually sought to be more than a "tag along" and "lone ranger" in the glorious "obtained" faith. In large part, this new growth stretch is a result of 2Peter 1 and the attempt to live forward his type of bold and productive faith.

Recently the Lord prompted me to commit myself to various levels of street ministry. I am learning humility, sincerity, servitude, trust, perseverance, even some street life, so much that could not be learned from theory and books. Gods word has become living by immersion and need, study and practice. I have also found great comfort and direction in these challenging times in the Psalms of which I often preach from and write about. I know with all certainty that Gods hand has moved upon my life by the profound changes that he has made in me and those around me, in so many areas, in so little time. I would not have chosen the direction nor the means of this myself without being led by His Spirit. My joy overflows!

I want this bio to not be so much about me and my qualifications. Better it is that this bio be my testimony to the fruitful abundance produced by Christ on Christ's vine. I know with all certainty that it is the hand of God by the way it seeks to pour through me and out into the world around me. It is warm, it is always loving, it is so far beyond what I could ever imagine. It is as if my heart has become like a magnet turned right side up now, being insatiably attracted to Him. It is amazing and I am very much thankful.

God be praised!

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