The Righteousness Of God And Savior

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Contemplations based on 2Peter:1

Our God, our Savior they are righteous. "Righteous in what way"? you ask. Follow along with me as we consider one of the more foundational writings of the Apostles Peter kjv@2Peter:1 .

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kjv@2Peter:1:1 - Righteousness is God's very nature. God can be nothing but righteous. His righteousness is the very foundation of our faith. Because He is and has acted towards us in righteousness we believe and proceed forward with Him. It is righteous that He has given something for us to obtain faith from. It is righteous for Him to have provided His Son as our savior. The actions of His Son on the cross made according to this righteousness toward our benefit are righteous like no other. We believe because of and in His righteousness. We are servants to it. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2a)

kjv@2Peter:1:2 - It is righteous for God to desire grace and peace. Grace and peace with Him and His Son. Grace and peace within ourselves. Grace and peace with one another. Grace and peace with the past present and future. It is righteous for God to have planted that seed of grace and peace by the knowledge of His Son's righteous act and to multiply it therein. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2b)

kjv@2Peter:1:3 - It is righteous for God to have provided all things pertaining to our grace and peace filled life plus godliness through the power displayed in Christ's death and resurrection and full ascension. Without which we of ourselves would have no other means being as dead to it and at complete enmity with it. Righteous as it provides the vehicle necessary to drive us toward His righteous intention of us reaching His calling of glory and virtue. The vehicle being nothing less than the knowledge of His sacrificial Son, our Lord Jesus. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2b)

kjv@2Peter:1:4 - It is righteous for God to have long promised this and established it as truth as it is meant to allow us to partake of His incorruptible divine nature. It is by partaking of His divine nature that we can escape the otherwise inescapable corrupting and corrupted influences of this world upon our decisions and actions and sentiments. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2b)

kjv@2Peter:1:5 - It is righteous that God intends for us to live this very faith (the above mentioned righteousness revealed and imputed by His Son) forward diligently into our daily lives by means of uncommon courage and valor towards His moral excellency. A courage defined by a uncommon unearthly knowledge born in partaking of His divine nature and providence. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2c)

kjv@2Peter:1:6 - It is righteous that God intends for this faith to be diligently lived forward with a temperance inclusive of the spiritual things of God and exclusive of the many all too common corrupting influences of each day. For this temperance to be defined by the perfect work of patience. Patience towards God, patience toward the transforming self, patience for others about to begin or within this very same process. For this patient temperance to be performed from a stance of unfeigned Christ imputed and empowered godliness. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2d)

kjv@2Peter:1:7 - It is righteous that God intends for this daily diligence to be pointed and directed toward and out of brotherly kindness and true agape love. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2e)

kjv@2Peter:1:8-9 - It is righteous that God has provided discernible evidences of the proximity of ones daily diligence to His intended actions by means of correctable fruit. The abundance of such fruit or the lack thereof is solid indication both of the diligence applied and of the field of vision incorporated. Abiding in the knowledge of Christ cannot but provide fruit as these are fruits of the Holy Spirit within/upon us. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2f)

kjv@2Peter:1:10-11 - It righteous that God intends by this daily process of putting forth our faith and examining the evidences to encourage and build the proper use of our faith as it assists us in becoming more assured as to His righteous election and to help us to find the abundant entrance He has laid into His Son's kingdom. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2g)

kjv@2Peter:1:12-15 - It is righteous that God by various means has provided continuous agents of remembrance of these truths as it is our human tendency to allow corruptions to take such fruitfulness back down to our own worldly intellect and resources. Righteous even that these agents suffer greatly or be martyred towards the goal of our continuance in these things. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2h)

kjv@2Peter:1:16-21 - It is righteous that God has revealed in advance and historically confirmed all of this and more through a steady ion wide performance of matters in ways that cannot be approximated nor duplicated by man even though likely viewed by the rebellious as fable because doing such is the solemn proof that it is the "arm of the LORD" ( kjv@Isaiah:53) revealed. (see study guide FoundationsOfFaith2i)

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