Word Of Prophecy

2Peter 1:19-20 kjv

(19) We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:
(20) Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

Contextual Anchors:

1. Prophecy

Quoted resource: strongs 'G4397'

G4397 @ προφητικός prophētikos prof-ay-tik-os' From G4396; pertaining to a foreteller (prophetic): - of prophecy of the prophets.

Quoted resource: torrey 'Prophecy'

Prophecy @ Is the foretelling of future events kjv@Genesis:49:1 kjv@Numbers:24:14 -- God is the author of kjv@Isaiah:44:7 kjv@Isaiah:45:21 -- God gives, through Christ kjv@Revelation:1:1 -- A gift of Christ kjv@Ephesians:4:11 kjv@Revelation:11:3 -- A gift of the Holy Spirit kjv@1Corinthians:12:10 -- Came not by the will of man kjv@2Peter:1:21 -- Given from the beginning kjv@Luke:1:70 -- Is a sure word kjv@2Peter:1:19 -- They who uttered -- Raised up by God kjv@Amos:2:11 -- Ordained by God kjv@1Samuel:3:20 kjv@Jeremiah:1:5 -- Sent by God kjv@2Chronicles:36:15 kjv@Jeremiah:7:25 -- Sent by Christ kjv@Matthew:23:34 -- Filled with the Holy Spirit kjv@Luke:1:67 -- Moved by the Holy Spirit kjv@2Peter:1:21 -- Spoke by the Holy Spirit kjv@Acts:1:16 kjv@Acts:11:28 kjv@Acts:28:25 -- Spoke in the name of the Lord kjv@2Chronicles:33:18 kjv@James:5:10 -- Spoke with authority kjv@1Kings:17:1 -- God accomplishes kjv@Isaiah:44:26 kjv@Acts:3:18 -- Christ the great subject of kjv@Acts:3:22-24 kjv@Acts:10:43 kjv@1Peter:1:10 kjv@1Peter:1:11 -- Fulfilled respecting Christ kjv@Luke:24:44 -- Gift of, promised kjv@Joel:2:28 kjv@Acts:2:16 kjv@Acts:2:17 -- Is for the benefit of after ages kjv@1Peter:1:12 -- Is a light in dark place kjv@2Peter:1:19 -- Is not of private interpretation kjv@2Peter:1:20 -- Despise not kjv@1Thessalonians:5:20 -- Give heed to kjv@2Peter:1:19 -- Receive in faith kjv@2Chronicles:20:20 kjv@Luke:24:25 -- Blessedness of reading, hearing, and keeping kjv@Revelation:1:3 kjv@Revelation:22:7 -- Guilt of pretending to the gift of kjv@Jeremiah:14:14 kjv@Jeremiah:23:13 kjv@Jeremiah:23:14 kjv@Ezekiel:13:2 kjv@Ezekiel:13:3 -- Punishment for -- Not giving ear to kjv@Nehemiah:9:30 -- Adding to, or taking from kjv@Revelation:22:18 kjv@Revelation:22:19 -- Pretending to the gift of kjv@Deuteronomy:18:20 kjv@Jeremiah:14:15 kjv@Jeremiah:23:15 -- Gift of, sometimes possessed by unconverted men kjv@Numbers:24:2-9 kjv@1Samuel:19:20 kjv@1Samuel:19:23 kjv@Matthew:7:22 kjv@John:11:49-51 kjv@1Corinthians:13:2 -- How tested kjv@Deuteronomy:13:1-3 kjv@Deuteronomy:18:22

Quoted resource: torrey 'Prophet'

Prophets @ God spoke of old by kjv@Hosea:12:10 kjv@Hebrews:1:1 -- The messengers of God kjv@2Chronicles:36:15 kjv@Isaiah:44:26 -- The servants of God kjv@Jeremiah:35:15 -- The watchmen of Israel kjv@Ezekiel:3:17 -- Were called -- Men of God kjv@1Samuel:9:6 -- Prophets of God kjv@Ezra:5:2 -- Holy prophets kjv@Luke:1:70 kjv@Revelation:18:20 kjv@Revelation:22:6 -- Holy men of God kjv@2Peter:1:21 -- Seers kjv@1Samuel:9:9 -- Were esteemed as holy men kjv@2Kings:4:9 -- Women sometimes endowed as kjv@Joel:2:28 -- God communicated to -- His secret things kjv@Amos:3:7 -- At various time and in different ways kjv@Hebrews:1:1 -- By an audible voice kjv@Numbers:12:8 kjv@1Samuel:3:4-14 -- By angels kjv@Daniel:8:15-26 kjv@Revelation:22:8 kjv@Revelation:22:9 -- By dreams and visions kjv@Numbers:12:6 kjv@Joel:2:28 -- Were under the influence of the Holy Spirit while prophesying kjv@Luke:1:67 kjv@2Peter:1:21 -- Spoke in the name of the Lord kjv@2Chronicles:33:18 kjv@Ezekiel:3:11 kjv@James:5:10 -- Frequently spoke in parables and riddles kjv@2Samuel:12:1-6 kjv@Isaiah:5:1-7 kjv@Ezekiel:17:2-10 -- Frequently in their actions, &:c were made signs to the people kjv@Isaiah:20:2-4 kjv@Jeremiah:19:1 kjv@Jeremiah:19:10 kjv@Jeremiah:19:11 kjv@Jeremiah:27:2 kjv@Jeremiah:27:3 kjv@Jeremiah:43:9 kjv@Jeremiah:51:63 kjv@Ezekiel:4:1-13 kjv@Ezekiel:5:1-4 kjv@Ezekiel:7:23 kjv@Ezekiel:12:3-7 kjv@Ezekiel:21:6 kjv@Ezekiel:21:7 kjv@Ezekiel:24:1-24 kjv@Hosea:1:2-9 -- Frequently left without divine communication on account of sins of The people kjv@1Samuel:28:6 kjv@Lamentations:2:9 kjv@Ezekiel:7:26 -- Were required -- To be bold and undaunted kjv@Ezekiel:2:6 kjv@Ezekiel:3:8 kjv@Ezekiel:3:9 -- To be vigilant and faithful kjv@Ezekiel:3:17-21 -- To receive with attention all God's communications kjv@Ezekiel:3:10 -- Not to speak anything but what they received from God kjv@Deuteronomy:18:20 -- To declare everything that the Lord commanded kjv@Jeremiah:26:2 -- Sometimes received divine communications and uttered predictions under great bodily and mental excitement kjv@Jeremiah:23:9 kjv@Ezekiel:3:14 kjv@Ezekiel:3:15 kjv@Daniel:7:28 kjv@Daniel:10:8 kjv@Habakkuk:3:2 kjv@Habakkuk:3:16 -- Sometimes uttered their predictions in verse kjv@Deuteronomy:32:44 kjv@Isaiah:5:1 -- Often accompanied by music while predicting kjv@1Samuel:10:5 kjv@2Kings:3:15 -- Often committed their predictions to writing kjv@2Chronicles:21:12 kjv@Jeremiah:36:2 -- Writings of, read in the synagogues every Sabbath kjv@Luke:4:17 kjv@Acts:13:15 -- Ordinary -- Numerous in Israel kjv@1Samuel:10:5 kjv@1Kings:18:4 -- Trained up and instructed in schools kjv@2Kings:2:3 kjv@2Kings:2:5 kjv@1Samuel:19:20 -- The sacred bards of the Jews kjv@Exodus:15:20 kjv@Exodus:15:21 kjv@1Samuel:10:5 kjv@1Samuel:10:10 kjv@1Chronicles:25:1 -- Extraordinary -- Specially raised up on occasions of emergency kjv@1Samuel:3:19-21 kjv@Isaiah:6:8 kjv@Isaiah:6:9 kjv@Jeremiah:1:5 -- Often endued with miraculous power kjv@Exodus:4:1-4 kjv@1Kings:17:23 kjv@2Kings:5:3-8 -- Frequently married men kjv@2Kings:4:1 kjv@Ezekiel:24:18 -- Wore a coarse dress of hair-cloth kjv@2Kings:1:8 kjv@Zechariah:13:4 kjv@Matthew:3:4 kjv@Revelation:11:3 -- Often led a wandering and unsettled life kjv@1Kings:18:10-12 kjv@1Kings:19:3 kjv@1Kings:19:8 kjv@1Kings:19:15 kjv@2Kings:4:10 -- Simple in their manner of life kjv@Matthew:3:4 -- The historiographers of the Jewish nation kjv@1Chronicles:29:29 kjv@2Chronicles:9:29 -- The interpreters of dreams kjv@Daniel:1:17 -- Were consulted in all difficulties kjv@1Samuel:9:6 kjv@1Samuel:28:15 kjv@1Kings:14:2-4 kjv@1Kings:22:7 -- Presented with gifts by those who consulted them kjv@1Samuel:9:7 kjv@1Samuel:9:8 kjv@1Kings:14:3 -- Sometimes thought it right to reject presents kjv@2Kings:5:15 kjv@2Kings:5:16 -- Were sent to -- Reprove the wicked and exhort to repentance kjv@2Kings:17:13 kjv@2Chronicles:24:19 kjv@Jeremiah:25:4 kjv@Jeremiah:25:5 -- Denounce the wickedness of kings kjv@1Samuel:15:10 kjv@1Samuel:15:16-19 kjv@2Samuel:12:7-12 kjv@1Kings:18:18 kjv@1Kings:21:17-22 -- Exhort to faithfulness and constancy in God's service kjv@2Chronicles:15:1 kjv@2Chronicles:15:2 kjv@2Chronicles:15:7 -- Predict the coming of Christ kjv@Luke:24:44 kjv@John:1:45 kjv@Acts:3:24 kjv@Acts:10:43 -- Predict the downfall of nations kjv@Isaiah:15:1 kjv@Isaiah:17:1 kjv@Jeremiah:47-48 -- Felt deeply on account of the calamities which they predicted kjv@Isaiah:16:9-11 kjv@Jeremiah:9:1-7 -- Predictions of -- Frequently proclaimed at the gate of the Lord's house kjv@Jeremiah:7:2 -- Proclaimed in the cities and streets kjv@Jeremiah:11:6 -- Written on tables and fixed up in some public place kjv@Habakkuk:2:2 -- Written on rolls and read to the people kjv@Isaiah:8:1 kjv@Jeremiah:36:2 -- Were all fulfilled kjv@2Kings:10:10 kjv@Isaiah:44:26 kjv@Acts:3:18 kjv@Revelation:10:7 -- Assisted the Jews in their great national undertakings kjv@Ezra:5:2 -- Mentioned in scripture -- Enoch kjv@Genesis:5:21-24 kjv@Jude:1:14 -- Noah kjv@Genesis:9:25-27 -- Jacob kjv@Genesis:49:1 -- Aaron kjv@Exodus:7:1 -- Moses kjv@Deuteronomy:18:18 -- Miriam kjv@Exodus:15:20 -- Deborah kjv@Judges:4:4 -- Prophet set to Israel kjv@Judges:6:8 -- Prophet sent to Eli kjv@1Samuel:2:27 -- Samuel kjv@1Samuel:3:20 -- David kjv@Psalms:16:8-11 kjv@Acts:2:25 kjv@Acts:2:30 -- Nathan kjv@2Samuel:7:2 kjv@2Samuel:12:1 kjv@1Kings:1:10 -- Zadok kjv@2Samuel:15:27 -- Gad kjv@2Samuel:24:11 kjv@1Chronicles:29:29 -- Ahijah kjv@1Kings:11:29 kjv@1Kings:12:15 kjv@2Chronicles:9:29 -- Prophet of Judah kjv@1Kings:13:1 -- Iddo kjv@2Chronicles:9:29 kjv@2Chronicles:12:15 -- Shemaiah kjv@1Kings:12:22 kjv@2Chronicles:12:7 kjv@2Chronicles:12:15 -- Azariah the son of Oded kjv@2Chronicles:15:2 kjv@2Chronicles:15:8 -- Hanani kjv@2Chronicles:16:7 -- Jehu the son of Hanani kjv@1Kings:16:1 kjv@1Kings:16:7 kjv@1Kings:16:12 -- Elijah kjv@1Kings:17:1 -- Elisha kjv@1Kings:19:16 -- Micaiah the son of Imlah kjv@1Kings:22:7 kjv@1Kings:22:8 -- Jonah kjv@2Kings:14:25 kjv@Jonah:1:1 kjv@Matthew:12:39 -- Isaiah kjv@2Kings:19:2 kjv@2Chronicles:26:22 kjv@Isaiah:1:1 -- Hosea kjv@Hosea:1:1 -- Amos kjv@Amos:1:1 kjv@Amos:7:14 kjv@Amos:7:15 -- Micah kjv@Micah:1:1 -- Oded kjv@2Chronicles:28:9 -- Nahum kjv@Nahum:1:1 -- Joel kjv@Joel:1:1 kjv@Acts:2:16 -- Zephaniah kjv@Zephaniah:1:1 -- Huldah kjv@2Kings:22:14 -- Jeduthun kjv@2Chronicles:35:15 -- Jeremiah kjv@2Chronicles:36:12 kjv@2Chronicles:36:21 kjv@Jeremiah:1:1 kjv@Jeremiah:1:2 -- Habakkuk kjv@Habakkuk:1:1 -- Obadiah kjv@Obadiah:1:1 -- Ezekiel kjv@Ezekiel:1:3 -- Daniel kjv@Daniel:12:11 kjv@Matthew:24:15 -- Haggai kjv@Ezra:5:1 kjv@Ezra:6:14 kjv@Haggai:1:1 -- Zechariah son of Iddo kjv@Ezra:5:1 kjv@Zechariah:1:1 -- Malachi kjv@Malachi:1:1 -- Zacharias the father of John kjv@Luke:1:67 -- Anna kjv@Luke:2:36 -- Agabus kjv@Acts:11:28 kjv@Acts:21:10 -- Daughters of Philip kjv@Acts:21:9 -- Paul kjv@1Timothy:4:1 -- Peter kjv@2Peter:2:1 kjv@2Peter:2:2 -- John kjv@Revelation:1:1 -- One generally attached to the king's household kjv@2Samuel:24:11 kjv@2Chronicles:29:25 kjv@2Chronicles:35:15 -- The Jews -- Require to hear and believe kjv@Deuteronomy:18:15 kjv@2Chronicles:20:20 -- Often tried to make them speak smooth things kjv@1Kings:22:13 kjv@Isaiah:30:10 kjv@Amos:2:12 -- Persecuted them kjv@2Chronicles:36:16 kjv@Matthew:5:12 -- Often imprisoned them kjv@1Kings:22:27 kjv@Jeremiah:32:2 kjv@Jeremiah:37:15 kjv@Jeremiah:37:16 -- Often put them to death kjv@1Kings:18:13 kjv@1Kings:19:10 kjv@Matthew:23:34-37 -- Often left without, on account of sin kjv@1Samuel:3:1 kjv@Psalms:74:9 kjv@Amos:8:11 kjv@Amos:8:12 -- Were mighty through faith kjv@Hebrews:11:32-40 -- Great patience of, under suffering kjv@James:5:10 -- God avenged all injuries done to kjv@2Kings:9:7 kjv@1Chronicles:16:21 kjv@1Chronicles:16:22 kjv@Matthew:23:35-38 kjv@Luke:11:50 -- Christ predicted to exercise the office of kjv@Deuteronomy:18:15 kjv@Acts:3:22 -- Christ exercised the office of kjv@Matthew:24-25 kjv@Mark:10:32-34

Prophets, False @ Pretended to be sent by God kjv@Jeremiah:23:17 kjv@Jeremiah:23:18 kjv@Jeremiah:23:31 -- Not sent or commissioned by God kjv@Jeremiah:14:14 kjv@Jeremiah:23:21 kjv@Jeremiah:29:31 -- Made use of by God to prove Israel kjv@Deuteronomy:13:3 -- Described as -- Light and treacherous kjv@Zephaniah:3:4 -- Covetous kjv@Micah:3:11 -- Crafty kjv@Matthew:7:15 -- Drunken kjv@Isaiah:28:7 -- Immoral and profane kjv@Jeremiah:23:11 kjv@Jeremiah:23:14 -- Women sometimes acted as kjv@Nehemiah:6:14 kjv@Revelation:2:20 -- Called foolish prophets kjv@Ezekiel:13:2 -- Compared to foxes in the desert kjv@Ezekiel:13:4 -- Compared to wind kjv@Jeremiah:5:13 -- Influenced by evil spirits kjv@1Kings:22:21 kjv@1Kings:22:22 -- Prophesied -- Falsely kjv@Jeremiah:5:31 -- Lies in the name of the Lord kjv@Jeremiah:14:14 -- Out of their own heart kjv@Jeremiah:23:16 kjv@Jeremiah:23:26 kjv@Ezekiel:13:2 -- In the name of false gods kjv@Jeremiah:2:8 -- Peace, when there was no peace kjv@Jeremiah:6:14 kjv@Jeremiah:23:17 kjv@Ezekiel:13:10 kjv@Micah:3:5 -- Often practised divination and witchcraft kjv@Jeremiah:14:14 kjv@Ezekiel:22:28 kjv@Acts:13:6 -- Often pretended to dreams kjv@Jeremiah:23:28 kjv@Jeremiah:23:32 -- Often deceived by God as a judgment kjv@Ezekiel:14:9 -- The people -- Led into error kjv@Jeremiah:23:13 kjv@Micah:3:5 -- Made to forget God's name by kjv@Jeremiah:23:27 -- Deprived of God's word by kjv@Jeremiah:23:30 -- Taught profaneness and sin by kjv@Jeremiah:23:14 kjv@Jeremiah:23:15 -- Oppressed and defrauded by kjv@Ezekiel:22:25 -- Warned not to listen to kjv@Deuteronomy:13:3 kjv@Jeremiah:23:16 kjv@Jeremiah:27:9 kjv@Jeremiah:27:15 kjv@Jeremiah:27:16 -- Encouraged and praised kjv@Jeremiah:5:31 kjv@Luke:6:26 -- X=x&T=&Mode of trying and detecting kjv@Deuteronomy:13:1 kjv@Deuteronomy:13:2 kjv@Deuteronomy:18:21 kjv@Deuteronomy:18:22 kjv@1John:4:1-3 -- Predicted to arise -- Before destruction of Jerusalem kjv@Matthew:24:11 kjv@Matthew:24:24 -- In the latter times kjv@2Peter:2:1 -- Judgments denounced against kjv@Jeremiah:8:1 kjv@Jeremiah:8:2 kjv@Jeremiah:14:15 kjv@Jeremiah:28:16 kjv@Jeremiah:28:17 kjv@Jeremiah:29:32 -- Involved the people in their own ruin kjv@Isaiah:9:15 kjv@Isaiah:9:16 kjv@Jeremiah:20:6 kjv@Ezekiel:14:10

kjv@Genesis:3:15 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be the offspring (descendant) of the woman (Eve) kjv@Galatians:4:4
kjv@Genesis:12:3 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a descendant of Abraham, through whom everyone on earth will be blessed kjv@Acts:3:25-26
kjv@Genesis:18:18 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a descendant of Abraham, through whom everyone on earth will be blessed kjv@Acts:3:25-26
kjv@Genesis:49:10 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a descendant of Judah kjv@Matthew:1:2 and kjv@Luke:3:33
kjv@Deuteronomy:18:15-19 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a prophet like Moses kjv@Acts:3:22-23
kjv@Psalms:2:7 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be the Son of God kjv@Matthew:3:17; kjv@Mark:1:11; kjv@Luke:3:22
kjv@Psalms:16:10-11 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be raised from the dead (resurrected) kjv@Matthew:28:5-9; kjv@Mark:16:6; kjv@Luke:24:4-7; kjv@John:20:11-16; kjv@Acts:1:3 kjv@Acts:2:32
kjv@Psalms:22 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah crucifixion experience (contains 11 prophecies—not all listed here) kjv@Matthew:27:34-50 and kjv@John:19:17-30
kjv@Psalms:22:7 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be sneered at and mocked kjv@Luke:23:11, kjv@Luke:23:35-39
kjv@Psalms:22:16 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be pierced through hands and feet kjv@Luke:23:33 and kjv@Luke:24:36-39; kjv@John:19:18; kjv@John:20:19-20, kjv@John:20:24-27
kjv@Psalms:22:17 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah’s bones will not be broken (a person’s legs were usually broken after being crucified to speed up their death) kjv@John:19:31-33-36
kjv@Psalms:34:20 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah’s bones will not be broken (a person’s legs were usually broken after being crucified to speed up their death) kjv@John:19:31-33-36
kjv@Psalms:22:18 Jesus By OTProphecy - Men Will Gamble for the Messiah’s clothing kjv@Matthew:27:35; kjv@Mark:15:24; kjv@Luke:23:34; kjv@John:19:23-24
kjv@Psalms:35:11 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will accused by false witnesses kjv@Matthew:26:59-60 and kjv@Mark:14:56-57
kjv@Psalms:35:19 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be hated without a cause kjv@John:15:23-25
kjv@Psalms:69:4 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be hated without a cause kjv@John:15:23-25
kjv@Psalms:41:9 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be betrayed by a friend kjv@John:13:18-21
kjv@Psalms:68:18 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will ascend to heaven (at the right hand of God) kjv@Luke:24:51; kjv@Acts:1:9; kjv@Acts:2:33-35; kjv@Acts:3:20-21; kjv@Acts:5:31-32; kjv@Acts:7:55-56; kjv@Romans:8:34; kjv@Ephesians:1:20-21; kjv@Colossians:3:1; kjv@Hebrews:1:3; kjv@Hebrews:8:1; kjv@Hebrews:10:12; kjv@Hebrews:12:2; kjv@1Peter:3:22 . . . sorry, we got carried away!
kjv@Psalms:69:21 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be given vinegar and gall to drink kjv@Matthew:27:34; kjv@Mark:15:23; kjv@John:19:29-30
kjv@Psalms:72:10-11 Jesus By OTProphecy - Great kings will pay homage and tribute to the Messiah kjv@Matthew:2:1-11
kjv@Psalms:118:22-23 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah is a “stone the builders rejected” who will become the “head cornerstone” kjv@Matthew:21:42-43; kjv@Acts:4:11; kjv@Ephesians:2:20; kjv@1Peter:2:6-8
kjv@Isaiah:28:16 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah is a “stone the builders rejected” who will become the “head cornerstone” kjv@Matthew:21:42-43; kjv@Acts:4:11; kjv@Ephesians:2:20; kjv@1Peter:2:6-8
kjv@Psalms:132:11 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a descendant of David kjv@Luke:1:32-33
kjv@Jeremiah:23:5,6 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a descendant of David kjv@Luke:1:32-33
kjv@Jeremiah:33:15,16 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a descendant of David kjv@Luke:1:32-33
kjv@Isaiah:7:14 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be a born of a virgin kjv@Matthew:1:18-25 and kjv@Luke:1:26-35
kjv@Isaiah:9:1-7 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah’s first spiritual work will be in Galilee kjv@Matthew:4:12-16
kjv@Isaiah:35:5-6 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will make the blind see, the deaf hear, etc. Many places. Also see kjv@Matthew:11:3-6 and kjv@John:11:47
kjv@Isaiah:50:6 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be beaten, mocked, and spat upon kjv@Matthew:26:67 and kjv@Matthew:27:26-31
kjv@Isaiah:52:13-53:12 Jesus By OTProphecy - The “Gospel according to Isaiah” Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
kjv@Isaiah:53:1 Jesus By OTProphecy - People will hear and not believe the “arm of the LORD” (Messiah) kjv@John:12:37-38
kjv@Isaiah:53:3 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be rejected kjv@Matthew:27:20-25; kjv@Mark:15:8-14; kjv@Luke:23:18-23; kjv@John:19:14-15
kjv@Isaiah:53:5-9 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be killed kjv@Matthew:27:50; kjv@Mark:15:37-39; kjv@Luke:23:46; kjv@John:19:30
kjv@Isaiah:53:7 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be silent in front of his accusers kjv@Matthew:26:62-63 and kjv@Matthew:27:12-14
kjv@Isaiah:53:9 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be buried with the rich kjv@Matthew:27:59-60; kjv@Mark:15:46; kjv@Luke:23:52-53; kjv@John:19:38-42
kjv@Isaiah:53:12 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be crucified with criminals kjv@Matthew:27:38; kjv@Mark:15:27; kjv@Luke:23:32-33
kjv@Isaiah:55:3-4 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah is part of the new and everlasting covenant and kjv@Jeremiah:31:31-34 kjv@Matthew:26:28; kjv@Mark:14:24; kjv@Luke:22:20; kjv@Hebrews:8:6-13
kjv@Isaiah:59:16 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be our intercessor (intervene for us and plead on our behalf) kjv@Hebrews:9:15
kjv@Isaiah:61:1-3 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah has two missions (first mission ends at “. . . year of the LORD’s favor”) First mission: kjv@Luke:4:16-21; Second mission: to be fulfilled at the end of the world
kjv@Daniel:9:25-26 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will come at a specific time kjv@Galatians:4:4 and kjv@Ephesians:1:10
kjv@Micah:5:2 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be born in Bethlehem kjv@Matthew:2:1 and kjv@Luke:2:4-7
kjv@Zechariah:9:9 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will enter Jerusalem riding a donkey kjv@Matthew:21:1-11
kjv@Zechariah:11:12-13 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will be sold for 30 pieces of silver kjv@Matthew:26:15 with kjv@Matthew:27:3-10
kjv@Zechariah:13:7 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will forsaken by His disciples kjv@Matthew:26:31, kjv@Matthew:26:56
kjv@Malachi:3:1 Jesus By OTProphecy - The Messiah will enter the Temple with authority kjv@Matthew:21:12 and kjv@Luke:19:45

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2. Interpretation
Quoted resource: strongs 'G1955'

G1955 @ ἐπίλυσις epilusis ep-il'-oo-sis From G1956; explanation that is application: - interpretation.

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