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This Wiki like system uses simple text files to store user generated content. It can also produce some elementary HTML formating using some very simple syntax. View this file in edit mode to see actual syntax.

    External link formatting features
  1. External HTTP links are automatically identified such ashttp://shepherdpuplinux.us
  2. External mailto links are automatically identified such as mailto:1pritts@comcast.net
  3. External media stream URLs like mms and rtsp mms://stream1.france24.yacast.net/f24/liveen
  4. External 10 + 11 digit telephone URLS 303-000-0000 1-800-000-0000

    Internal pBiblx2 Links - Version1
  1. Bible passage links include the version@book:title kjv@Matthew:1:1 or kjv@STRING:Bless+the+LORD
  2. Seeker search words are linked to Seeker by surrounding the word with square brackets.
  3. CamelCase links are automatically identified within each wiki type.
  4. Internal IMG links (png, jpg, gif) are automatically identified such as ./style/img/pbiblx2_logo2.png

    Internal pBiblx Links Version2
  1. New - square brackets can now also be thought of as a placeholder for several components
  2. link to indexed file index:INDEXFILENAME INDEX
  3. link to csv file csv:INDEXFILENAME INDEX
  4. link to filter filter:FILTERNAME STRING
  5. link to strongs G1101
  6. link to tag tag:WordOfGod
  7. link to dictionary d[DICTIONARYNAME@STRING]
  8. link to NOTE wiki file nFILENAME
  9. link to REALGOD wiki file rFILENAME
  10. link to MYPAD wiki file mFILENAME
  11. link to HOME wiki file FILENAME
  12. RETIRED - link to Naves overlay xv[VERSION@BOOK:CHAP:VERSE]
  13. RETIRED - link to Easton overlay yv[VERSION@BOOK:CHAP:VERSE]
  14. RETIRED - link to Map overlay zv[VERSION@BOOK:CHAP:VERSE]
  15. RETIRED - link to Parallel wv[VERSION1@VERSION2@BOOK:CHAP:VERSE]
  16. link to RSS Subscription LABEL
  17. link to Slidy Show slidy:FILENAME or verse sl[kjv@Psalms:117-118]
  18. link to local web address FILENAME.HTML
  19. link to comment board Comment Board:TestComment
  20. New - link to media file in media directory media: randyp/001-SinDebtAndDominion.MP3
  21. EXPERIMENTAL - change menu tab version tab[VERSION@MENUTYPE]

    Quoted (print in place) Place Holders VERSION2:
  1. New - quote verse (separate line)
  2. Romans 8:28 kjv

    (28) And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
  3. New - quote index (separate line)
  4. kjv@Genesis:1 GENESIS - The word "genesis" signifies "generation" or "origin" and comes from the Greek translation of kjv@Genesis:2:4. It is an appropriate title for the first book of the Bible, which contains the record of the origin of the universe, the human race, family life, nations, sin redemption, etc. The first 11 chapters, which deal with primeval or pre-Patriarchal times, present the antecedents of Hebrew history from Adam to Abraham. The remaining chapters (12 - 50) are concerned with God’s dealings with the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Jacob’s son Joseph, all "fathers" of the people whom God has chosen to carry out His plan for the redemption of mankind. The book closes with these "Chosen People" in Egypt.

  5. New - quote csv (separate line)
  6. Quoted index: TESTCSV- GENESIS:


  7. New - quote indexed picture (separate line)
  8. Quoted indexed picture: DOREARTGALLERY- Genesis:1:

    The Creation of Light http://likepreciousfaith.us/img/Dore/OT-001-med.jpg

    The Tower of Babel http://likepreciousfaith.us/img/Dore/OT-010-med.jpg

    Abraham Goes to the Land of Canaan http://likepreciousfaith.us/img/Dore/OT-011-med.jpg

    Abraham and the Three Angels http://likepreciousfaith.us/img/Dore/OT-012-med.jpg

    Lot Flees as Sodom and Gomorrah Burn http://likepreciousfaith.us/img/Dore/OT-013-med.jpg

  9. New - quote dictionary (separate line)

  10. Quoted resource: tcr 'faith'
  11. New - random quote file (separate line)
  12. kjv@Psalms:119:92 @ Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction.

    Quiz - Poll
  1. EXPERIMENTAL - quiz answer Question #1:
  2. EXPERIMENTAL - quiz option True
  3. EXPERIMENTAL - poll tag Poll #1:
  4. EXPERIMENTAL - poll option Justice

    Simple Text Formating Syntax
  1. Lines beginning with an "=" produce an H1 heading: (Likewise - Lines beginning with an "==" or "===" produce H2 or H3 headings:)
  2. New paragraphs begin with a blank line
  3. Hard rule lines begin with '----'

  1. Lists begin with asterisk for un order lists or pound for numbered list.
  2. List items begin with double asterisk for un order lists or double pound for numbered list.
  • Lists are ended with a single asterisk or pound
    1. Tables
      Tables begin on a new line withleft parenthesisslash
      Table Rows are newlines started withslash
      Cells each haveslash
      Cells can include linkshttp://shepherdpuplinux.us
      table ends withslashright parenthesis

    1. Words and phases can be underlined using an underscore before and after.
    2. Words and phases can be struckthrough using an minus before and after.
    3. Words and phases can be bold using an asterisk before and after.
    4. Words and phases can be italicized using an exclamation before and after.
    5. Lines begining with space become indented blockquotes.

    1. Files can be locked off from public editing by placing LOCKME@(password) alone on the top line.
    2. Only users with that password will be able to edit that file. PCARR will hide the LOCK and the password.

      Internal pBiblx Links VERSION1 (OLD)
    1. Bible passage links include the version@book:title kjv@Matthew:1:1 or kjv@STRING:Bless+the+LORD
    2. Seeker search words are linked to Finder by surrounding the word with square brackets.
    3. Common Seeker search words are automatically identified.
    4. CamelCase links are automatically identified within each wiki type.
    5. CamelCase links to files in other PCARR wiki types are written PBNOTE@BibleNotes@ PBPCARR@PracticalChristian@ PBRRR@RealGod@ PBMYPAD@MyPad@ with the CamelCase filename within ampersands
    6. Tags and Indexes can be linked PBTAG@Faith@ or PBINDEX@SCRIPTUREBYSUBJECT@compassion
    7. Direct Dictionary links PBDICT@strongs@psalm where the reference name is strongs naves easton or tcr separated by ampersands followed by word inquiry.
    8. Direct Strongs links by number are PBSTRONG@G873

    To best see how the formating syntax, view this file in edit mode.
    New - TableTest1 Test of table formatting in imaginative examples

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