As of ver.2.0.3 the pBiblx2 Field Wise System has the capability of presenting a random Slidy@ show from a simple text quote file slidy:RandomQuote1 .

The file itself is stored in the www/random directory by the site administrator. Different files can be developed and called by name in the place holder. Files could be collections of verses by topic, for instance Thanksgiving holiday verses. Files could be Church announcements or quoted index picture slides. They could be combinations of ideas.

Once the file is created a separate PCARR wiki page is created with with the rq place holder containing the random quote file name. Point the Slidy CGI script (with a X=r CGI switch) to the PCARR file and there you you have it, a random line automatically refreshing every 30 seconds. slidy:RandomArt1

This recent feature addition can be used as a type of screen saver, a electronic billboard or message board, it can even be iframed into another HTML web page as a banner or advertisement.

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