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Bible Chronology of the Old Testament

The following chronological list is adapted from The Chronological Bible. Its purpose is to help you develop an overall understanding of the order of the major people and events of the Bible. The dates are disputed here and there; but overall, they can give you a reference in time and order.

From the Creation to the Flood

The Pre-existent Christ kjv@John:1
Creation kjv@Genesis:1:1
Satan cast out of heaven kjv@Isaiah:14:12-17
Six days of creation kjv@Genesis:1:3-26
Garden of Eden kjv@Genesis:2:8-17
Fall of Adam and Eve kjv@Genenis:3:1-7
Expulsion from Eden kjv@Genesis:3:21-24
Cain kills Abel kjv@Genesis:4
Noah is born kjv@Genesis:5:28-29
The Flood kjv@Genesis:7:10-24

The Flood to the Patriarchs

Abram (Abraham) is born kjv@Genesis:11:27
Job kjv@Job:1
Abram becomes Abraham kjv@Genesis:17
Birth of Isaac, then Jacob,then Joseph kjv@Genesis:21-30

The Patriarchs to the Exodus 1606 - 1462 B.C.

Joseph sold into slavery to Egypt kjv@Genesis:27-28
Famine and move of Hebrews to Egypt kjv@Genesis:41
The Hebrew population grows kjv@Genesis:47:27
Their bondage and oppression kjv@Exodus:8
Moses is born kjv@Exodus:6:20

The Exodus to Entering Canaan 1462 - 1422 B.C.

The 10 plagues against Egypt kjv@Exodus:7-11
The Hebrews are freed then pursued kjv@Exodus:12
Crossing the Red Sea kjv@Exodus:13-15
Receiving the 10 Commandments kjv@Exodus:20
Israel wanders in the desert for 40 years kjv@Numbers:14

Canaan to the Reign of King Saul 1422 - 1065 B. C.

Canaan 1200 - 750 B. C.
Israel becomes a world power, Samson is born kjv@Judges:13
Saul becomes first King kjv@1Samuel:9

The Reign of King David 1025 - 985 B. C.

David and Goliath kjv@1Samuel:17
David becomes King kjv@2Samuel:5
David with Bathsheba kjv@2Samuel:11
Absalom's rebellion kjv@2Samuel:15-18
David prepares temple materials kjv@1Chronicles:22

The Reign of King Solomon 985 - 945 B. C.

Solomon becomes King kjv@1Kings:1
Solomon asks God for wisdom kjv@1Kings:3
The building of the Temple kjv@1Kings:6
Solomon's downfall kjv@1Kings:11

The Divided Kingdom (Israel and Judah) From Solomon to the Fall of Israel 945 - 586 B. C.

The nation of Israel divided into two: Israel to the north and Judah to the south. This period was full of kings, who ruled each realm. Many of the kings were evil. Other gods were worshiped
occasionally. During this time Elijah has his
ministry. Hosea preached. Jonah dealt with
Nineveh. Rome was founded. The temple was

The Fall of Israel to the Fall of Judah 721 - 586 B. C.

Both Israel and Judah fall to foreign powers.
Micah prophesies. Isaiah is martyred. Jeremiah
is born. Daniel is born. Zephaniah
prophesies. Ezekiel is born. Jeremiah preaches.

Israel is taken into Captivity 586 - 516 B.C.

Ezekiel prophesies as Jerusalem falls kjv@Ezekiel:33
Nebuchadnezzar's image kjv@Daniel:3
Daniel's vision of the four beasts kjv@Daniel:7
Daniel's vision of the 70 weeks kjv@Daniel:9
Fall of Babylon to Persians kjv@Isaiah:13 kjv@Jeremiah:25

The Restoration from Captivity 516 -400 B. C.

Dedication of the Temple kjv@Ezra:6
Deliverance of the Jews kjv@Esther:8
Ezra prepares to return to Jerusalem kjv@Ezra:7
Building of the wall of Jerusalem kjv@Nehemiah:2
Malachi's Prophecies kjv@Malachi:

Time Between the Testaments 400 B. C. - 5. A.D.

Greece is the world power from 331 - 168 B. C.
Rome is the world power from 168 B. C. - 476
God does not speak for about 400 years

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A brief chronology of Old Testament events.

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