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"Study to show thyself approved" it is written. How best to do this?

Bible study is an opportunity daily to draw closer to our God and to one another. Many would rather not study thus leaving their relationship with God as whatever they are able otherwise to make of it. Certainly, those of us that do study daily, we often approach study rather in a manner that becomes just head knowledge minus the connections to life and a loving godliness. There is always the danger of this very thing if not combined with much prayer and devotion. Knowledge that cannot be applied, knowledge that is missing that should have been applied, knowledge that has not been reproved and corrected, these are things that are of no benefit to oneself nor with others; yet so often all we have left ourselves to apply.

Note: More and more of late, I have taken to the study of matters as presented by a thorough devotional reading of the scriptures; this with the intent of strengthening all areas of knowledge rather than just areas of particular interest. My best suggestion is that we begin our quest with any one of the reading devotions currently hosted here MyDevotions or elsewhere. The pBiblx2 Field Wise System lends itself well to study within each daily passage and provides facilities for journaling and note taking as well.

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