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  1. Tags - bookmark your most useful/beneficial findings on our site's tag index. (see UserContribution and UserTags for details). Think quality of link not quantities.
  2. Create Content - author practical first hand accounts and "life lived" content that fill the need of readers. (see UserContribution and PbiblxCreateWikiContent for details).
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There is no real teacher or moderator here other than God's word and His Holy Spirit, we are all traveling down the same pathway of daily investigation and daily application. We each learn from stepping outside of our comfort zones, our study and prayer closets, putting into practice the concepts we're considering for the benefit of others. Putting it all out on line some would say!

Remember that if you don't find the information or help that you were hoping to find, that this pBiblx2 server is just one of a growing number of server seeds organically growing their own resources and content. You can find a growing list of known servers at PbiblxCommunity locally or .

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