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David, Psalms and the Wicked

What was he so troubled by?


A composite sketch of the wicked.

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PsalmsWicked - What they are saying

kjv@Psalms:5:9 Faithless mouth, throat open sepulcher, flattering tongue

kjv@Psalms:10:3 boasts hearts desire

kjv@Psalms:10:4-12 puffeth at enemies, said shall no tbe removed/see adversity, mouth causing deceit/fraud, God has forgotten/hidden/will never see, tongue vanity/mischief

kjv@Psalms:17:9-12 speak proudly

kjv@Psalms:36:1-4 flatter himself, words of iniquity/deciet

kjv@Psalms:58:3-5 estranged in womb.. soon as born speaking lies, poison like serpent, deaf like ader

kjv@Psalms:64:2-6 whet tongue like sword, arrows equal bitter words, encourage themselves in evil matters

kjv@Psalms:73:3-9 corrupt speak wickedly concerning opression

kjv@Psalms:109:25 mouth of.. and decietful opened against me, lying tongue, compassed me with words of hate

PsalmsWicked - What they are doing

kjv@Psalms:10:2 in pride persecuting poor

kjv@Psalms:10:3 bless covetous

kjv@Psalms:10:4-12 grievous ways, lurking/murdering innocent, eyes privily set against poor, laying in wait to catch poor, crouching/humbling self that poor may fall

kjv@Psalms:11:2 bend bow, privily shoot at upright

kjv@Psalms:11:6 wicked and him that loves violence (Alliance?)

kjv@Psalms:17:9-12 oppress me, compass me about, greedy of prey, lurking

kjv@Psalms:22:16 assembly of

kjv@Psalms:27:2 came upon me to eat my flesh

kjv@Psalms:37:12 plots against just, gnashes teeth

kjv@Psalms:37:14 drawn sword, bent bow to cast out poor and needy, slay upright of conversation

kjv@Psalms:37:32 watcheth righteous seeking to slay him

kjv@Psalms:55:3-6 oppression of.., cast iniquity at me, in wrath hated me

kjv@Psalms:64:2-6 secret counsel of.., insurrection of workers of iniquity, shoot in secret at perfect, lay snares privily

kjv@Psalms:71:4 unrighteous and cruel man (requiring hand of God to deliver from)

kjv@Psalms:109:2-5 fought against me without cause, rewarded evil for good and hatred for love

kjv@Psalms:119:53 forsake law

kjv@Psalms:119:61 bands of.. have robbed me

kjv@Psalms:119:110 laid snares for me

kjv@Psalms:129:4 cords of.. (requiring cutting assunder)

PsalmsWicked - Why they are doing it

kjv@Psalms:5:9-10 rebelled against Lord

kjv@Psalms:10:4-12 will not seek after God, not in thoughts, said God forgotten/hidden will never see

kjv@Psalms:10:13 contemns God, says God will not require it

kjv@Psalms:28:3-5 regard not the works of Lord not operation of hand

kjv@Psalms:34:21 they that hate righteous

kjv@Psalms:36:1-4 no fear of God before eyes, left off to be wise/good

kjv@Psalms:52:7 strengthened self in his wickedness, made not God his strength, trusted own abundance

kjv@Psalms:109:2-5 for my love they are my enemy

kjv@Psalms:119:155 salvation far from, they seek not thy statutes

kjv@Psalms:139:20 take thy name in vain

kjv@Psalms:140:8 exalt themselves

PsalmsWicked - The effectiveness of

kjv@Psalms:12:8 walk on every side when vilest men exalted

kjv@Psalms:17:9-12 inclosed in own fat

kjv@Psalms:37:7 prospers in his way having brought evil to pass

kjv@Psalms:37:21 borrows and payeth not again

kjv@Psalms:37:35-38 seen in great power like green bay tree

kjv@Psalms:55:3-6 my heart sore pained, terrors of death, fearfulness, trembling overwhelmed me

kjv@Psalms:73:3-9 no bands in their death, not in trouble as others nor plagued, pride compasseth, violence covers as garment, eyes stand out with fattness

kjv@Psalms:92:7 spring up as grass/florishes

kjv@Psalms:107:34 fruitful land becomes bareness

kjv@Psalms:141:4 eating dainties (men that work iniquity)

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    Effectiveness in general
  1. on David - desperation/isolation/lack of strength against
  2. on Upright - chewed up/trapped/overwhelmed
  3. on poor/needy - cast out
  4. on land - made barren

    Flourishing as whole even if individuals picked off
  1. like grass/bay tree/turbulent sea

    Why poor/needy targeted?
  1. God's promise?
  2. Upright's responsibility?
  3. Easy riches?
  4. play upon compassions?

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