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Psalms 111:2 kjv

(2) The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.

Let us seek then the works of our Lord!

The real life of real people effected by a real and living God.

Personal testimony...Three meaningful threads in one:

RealLife - This pBiblx2 thread uses wonderful passages of scripture as spring boards for user discussion testifying to God's mighty workings through their real and personal life issues and situations, victories and defeats.

RealPeople - This thread contains the profiles of many Christians document past and present. It is a growing compilation of the faithful and the experiences that their faith has lead or is leading them through. Contributers to this pBiblx2 Field Wise system are encouraged to profile themselves as well so that their readers of their content can have better familiarity with them.

RealGod - A container for the other two as it is by our real and living God that the real life situations of real people are effected.

You are welcome to read the real life experiences of our users. You are welcome to add your story and comments to our collection.

Our God truly is living and loving and touching the very core of relevance.

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