The Reprobate Mind

The reprobate mind is similar if not the same as the carnal mind, the deceitful heart, the vain imagination, the darkened mind, and other assorted references throughout. carnal mind heart imagination darkness wisdom wise fool idol. It can also be found in the religious kjv@Titus:1:16 except the truer image be found in Christ kjv@2Corinthians:13:5.

It is clearly indicated throughout the entire context of the Bible that God has made His true image known perceptually by creation kjv@Romans:1:19-20, kjv@John:5:39 by scripture, kjv@John:14:9 by His Son, kjv@John:15:26 by His Spirit. kjv@Galatians:3:24 indicates that God has morally legislated against this nature in order to prove both it's inescapable existence via the Law and man's complete inability to solve the maze issues without Him and His correct image in totality.

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