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When Critics Ask - Giesler
The Gulag Archipelago - Solzhenitsyn
The Holy War - Bunyan
(also bits and pieces of a late fifties military intelligence guide on Mao Tse Tung revolution tactic - can't remember the name of it)

Posted on 23 Sep 2020, 7:47 - Category: RandyP
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Book Progress

Progress is being made steadily. I love having better eyes than mine watching over my grammar and flow. I've already got through the first four chapters. Eager to get this ready for the next set of edits!

Posted on 23 Sep 2020, 7:32 - Category: Like Precious Faith Series
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Book Progress

The book version of Foundations of the Like Precious Faith Series has come back from my editor red lined and is now in it's second editing stage. It is a learning process through and through, very interesting to see how others critique my writing. She has made some awesome suggestions. I am very much looking forward to having this ready for publishing by the end of 2020.

Posted on 26 Aug 2020, 13:51 - Category: RandyP
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Guest blog post heading to 3M!

I have just submitted a new post that I am contributing to Jeremiah Wheelersburg at https://jnwheels.com based on kjv@Psalms:11 . It looks like we might be joining forces on some for his 3M podcasts and some other projects to get God's word out there real soon.

EDITOR: NOW POSTED at https://jnwheels.com

Check out the: The 3M Podcast The Minister The Ministry and Me Show:
(as well as on ITunes, Sticher, IHeart, YouTube etc...)

Posted on 26 Aug 2020, 13:55 - Category: RandyP
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Guest Blogs

Welcome one and all!

Welcome to the Guest Blog section of the likepreciousfaith.us. We will continue to invite guest contributors to post content to this site.

Posted on 4 Aug 2020, 21:44 - Category: Guest Blogs
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